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7 Common Idioms And Their True Meaning

March 31, 2017

We’ve all heard these phrases before. At one point in your life or another you have heard what’s written here and you have thought you’d always known what was meant by what was being said. But what if you were wrong? Let’s look at a few and see how many you got right and truly understood.

1: “A chip on your shoulder.” This one is fairly easy. It simply means that there is a salty snack on your shoulder. Some people always have them on their shoulders probably because they are often hungry during the day. Now be careful! If you tell someone they have a chip on their shoulder they may be a bit mad. They may feel that because you noticed the salty snack that you can have it. Or maybe they’re on a diet. Remember, we all have our own battles. Some tastier than others.

2. “A dime a dozen.” This is something that bully’s like to use a lot. They say things like, “I’ll beat you up if you don’t give me a dozen dimes.” As years go on and people mature they realize beating up someone for one dollar and 20 cents is pretty foolish. But still, you have to make a profit somehow. So this person is now saying that they’ll give one dime for a dozen dimes. It might make the change purse a little lighter, but hopefully we can come to a time when these antics will stop once and for all.

3. “A piece of cake.” A lot of people confuse this with the saying that something is as easy as making a cake. That’s just nonsense. Making a cake, and making a good cake, is a very difficult task. But don’t worry about that. Just remember that someone told you something about a piece of cake. Now it’s your cue to find that cake no matter where you are.

4. “Close but no cigar.” This is a pretty easy one as well. All it’s saying is that you have something that may resemble a cigar, but in fact is not a cigar. Maybe you’ll see a man or woman about to take a bite of what resembles a cigar but turns out to be just a hot dog without a bun. “Close but no cigar!”

5. “Cup of Joe.” If anyone, anyone, invites you over for a cup of Joe call the police. They have found a man named Joe and divided his body in several small cups. It’s disgusting and these people need to be put in jail at once.

6. “Don’t cry over spilt milk.” This goes back to the days of the ancient Celtic traditions of Ireland and Scotland. Milk held the soul of the cow it came from, thus it was considered rude to cry standing over the soul of the cow. You could cry, but just further away from the tragic accident.

7.  “Stop tickling Uncle Floyd. He doesn’t like it. In fact, it terrifies him.” This doesn’t even need any explanation.