The Gaslight Anthem-“Handwritten” Review

July 26, 2012

This is my first go at writing a review of an album so, please, bear with me. A little background before we dive into the review.

I fell in love with Gaslight’s album, The ’59 Sound. It came at the perfect time. I was out of a relationship and down on my luck and this record erupted into my life. From the opening fuzz of opener “Great Expectations” to the thunder of closer “The Backseat” I was immediately enamored. The album caught me at the perfect time in my life and was the life affirming blast I needed.

And then Gaslight Anthem released American Slang in 2010 and while not having the same effect as their prior release, it was a great record and a testament to the fact that Rock n’ roll was alive and well. Which brings me to 2012’s Handwritten.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought this record. I knew it would be good since it is a Gaslight Anthem record and they have never released any bad music (seriously. Look through their catalogue and try to find one bad song. You can’t.)

Handwritten starts off with a bang with “45”. A song about love lost and getting through it using metaphors about records. “And all my friends say…

“Hey, turn the record over.
Hey, I’ll see you on the flip side.
There you go, turn the key and engine over…
Let her go, let somebody else lay at her feet.”

It’s an easily used metaphor but is absolutely perfect at the same time. And the song gives the listener a preview of what the rest of the album is going to be. An album full of lost love, but also hope.

Take for instance the title track of the record, the song describes how music can lfit the spirit of a person and how music can go through time and help people. A bold statement, perhaps, but a perfectly fitting one. Seriously. Watch the incredibly well done music video of the song and see what I mean.

What is apparent as the record continues is that the band is able to dive a bit more heavily into an alternative rock route than in previous records (think Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Pearl Jam, ect…) but still keep a certain edge to the music that shows the influence bands like The Clash had on them. Perhaps best of all, though, is that while you can see the influences that the band has drawn from, they make it uniquely thir own. And it sounds fresh and not rehashed at all.

But for fans of their older material (predominantly Sink or Swim and the Senor and the Queen EP) you’ll be thrilled with the song “Howl” which sounds like it could fit on either of those releases. The song has a drive to it that does nothing but make you want to jump up and down and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

I’d be amiss to not mention the final three tracks of the album, Desire, Mae, and National Anthem. The songs are perfect Gaslight Anthem songs. In Desire we see the work of Brian Fallon’s writing capability (which has always been phenomenal) when he sings out And some men spend their lives
Chasing the accolades of pride
But that just never crossed my mind,
You were always on my mind

You can’t help but believe every word he sings.

The album closers with an acoustic track, the previously mentioned National Anthem that tells the story of a love since gone away yet remembered with fondness. It’s the way that someone who really loved someone feels after all the immediate emotion subsides. That moment where you realize you experienced love and you love that person for letting you experience it with them.

And that’s the beauty of this album. It makes you want to fall in love. It makes you want to share that love with someone, whether it be with your girl, boy, or a crowd of fans that sing slightly off key. The Gaslight Anthem have crafted in Handwritten their best album and one of the best I have ever heard.

I never will forget you my american love
And I’ll always remember you wild as they do come


Names for Your Pets

July 10, 2012

I was thinking about animals today, you know, because it’s Tuesday, and I started to see what names go with certain animals. This list is based on what would be the best name for your little friend and also what name attributes the most success with the creature. People will love the animal and think that you’re a genius for having attached this name. Seriously. This is completely science based. I’ve done research.

Rabbit: Gatsby

Turtle: Ramone the Magnificent

Ferret: Billy Jay Rascal

Salamander: Chico

Guinea Pig: Tex Bridges

Dog: Loyd

Cat: Cecil B

Smaller cat: Cecil Bits

Pig: Tatanka

Snake: Doll Eyes

Horse: Jonathan

Chimp: Chesterfield

Chicken: Soups

Bear: Shane

Mouse: Mr. Robinson

Gerbil: Raisin

Hamster: Liz Taylor

Spider: Wisconsin’s Own Phil Lopez

Fox: Loretta

Nicki Minaj: Onika

Siamese cat: Tabitha the Imperius

Parakeet: Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi: Parrot

Goldfish: Wanda

Tropical fish: Coraline

Fancy rat: Sir Chucklesworth

I hope these names help bring you an even more loving relationship with your pet. And as always, adopt your pets when you can. I hold bi-weekly auctions in my basement. See ya there.

What I’ve Done During My Sabbatical

June 22, 2012

I haven’t written anything here for what amounts to a little over 3 months. I know that I have so many followers and you’ve all wanted to know what I’ve been up to (and what I haven’t been up to), so here it is.

1. I didn’t die. This is what allows everything else I’ve done. It also allows everything I didn’t do but might have done if I were still alive. Which I am. Following?

2. I didn’t go to Greece. I hear it’s lovely (the beaches are to die for, all those people I know who went to Greece say). But you know, it’s also awful. The economy sucks and I’m pretty sure a lot of people are starving. That seems like a shame considering on any New York City street I can get a delicious half-assed gyro.

3. I didn’t protest anything. I wanted to, but I didn’t. I’m not sure how my protests would really go. Brining a big gulp cup into New York and downing delicious Coca-Cola? I guess that’s a good protest. Sounds like a great protest actually.

4. I kept drinking. In fact, I increased my booze intake, but in responsible ways. Perhaps my tolerance has just increased. Who knows? I’m no scientist.

5. I still enjoy sleeping. It’s really the best time (I’m kind of lying about this. I’m sure there are much better things than a good ol’ fashioned nap). But sleep still is great. And I still ahve great ideas right on the cusp of sleep. And I plan to litter them here as I did before.

So get ready for complete nonsense. To all you readers who googled something about ambien and found yourself here. There’s more to this then that lucid dreaming bullshit that I wrote in the middle of a lucid dream.


Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill Maher.

March 13, 2012

I’m not going to talk about my feelings on government healthcare, I’m also not going to discuss my feelings on birth control. I just don’t feel like it. You’ve already made up your mind on it, probably, and I’m not going to try to change your mind. What I do want to discuss (poorly) is why anyone cares what someone says. Some background:

Sandra Fluke went to congress to provide testimony on colleges providing birth control for female students. Rush Limbaugh called her a slut on his radio program. Liberal leaning groups (this is a very broad curtain) came out and yelled about Rush’s statements. President Obama called Sandra Fluke to offer his condolences on being called a name. Bill Maher, who has made a several sexist remarks, donated money to President Obama’s re-election campaign. Conservative leaning groups (also a broad curtain) yelled about how the president should return the money to Maher because he did/does the same thing that Limbaugh did/does. Keith Radzion wrote a blog about this whole thing two weeks after it happened because he has no concept of time.

Phew. We’re all caught up now.

My basic understanding of this is that people should be allowed to say what they want, even if it’s considered “hurtful” and “insensitive”. As long as you don’t call for violence and no one physically gets hurt you should be able to be vocal. Really. This holds especially true when you put yourself out in the public eye. Just like Rush Limbaugh has. Just like Bill Maher has. And just like Sandra Fluke has.

But you know what’s one of the best things about living in America? You can turn off your radio if you don’t like something you hear. You can turn off the TV if you don’t like what you see. You can choose not to buy certain products if they endorse someone you disagree with. You don’t have to buy the cable package that includes HBO if you’re really that upset over their programming. But people seem to forget how it’s much easier, and I’m pretty sure a lot healthier, to just not bother with something instead of getting yourself all worked up because of sounds someone made.

That’s all that words are. Sound. You provide the meaning. Maybe just don’t care as much. We’d probably be better off.

KONY 2012

March 10, 2012

Have you heard about Joseph Kony? It’s OK. A whole lot of people didn’t know about him either. That is until seemingly out of nowhere every one knew who the Ugandan leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, a disgusting group that abducts children, forces the girls into sex trafficing, arms the boys with guns and forces them to carry out Kony’s evil agenda. It is really quite horrifying.

Being that we live in the age of the internet and therefore in the age of social media, the group, Invisible Children, decided to release a viral video called KONY 2012. The goal of the film is to provide information on the war that is being fought in Uganda and the attrocities of Johseph Kony and his group,, the LRA.

I’m going to trust that you’ve seen the video and I don’t have to explain what it’s all about. You’re quite capable of finding these things out on your own. In fact, just google Joseph Kony and I guarantee you’ll know more about this guy than you do your neighbor. I just don’t want to talk about it. I want to talk about how seemingly everyone became an activist out of nowhere.

I, because I am much better than you of course, knew about Invisible Children a year or so ago after seeing Thrice in concert. They had people who were with the charity there and spoke quite fondly of them. So I looked into it and got into it a bit. I wanted to do something good and being a part of this group seemed like it would be the best way to do that. Plus, I also supported the cause and figured I should reallly get invovled. Until I saw how many other people suddenlly hoped onto the train. It was a bit more loud and I enjoyed it more when it was just a few people. Much how you will always have people who hate a band and their fans because they weren’t there when the recording sucked and the music was just not very good at all. And the band should have never tried to get better.

It sounds stupid when you get down to it. A person should be happy if a group they support is getting the legs underneath it to actually make a difference. Not just, “well we tried and really got behind it”. Well, maybe somke of these kids will really get behind the cause and donate money and they’ll keep on spreading the word and it’ll get to someone who can add sufficient funds. And then maybe we’ll get that change. And it’ll be swell.

Or you could just decide not to throw your money into this. You could just, you know, find your own crisis in the world. There’s a lot of them. Fact is though, people should know about these conflicts. And, as humans, we should try to get disgusting acts that are being done stopped. It doesn’t matter who say it first. People get excited.

At least they are getting excited about the right thing.

Best Albums of 2011

January 2, 2012

2011, for all intensive purposes, has been a pretty awful year. I won’t get into specifics, but it just has been a year that I’ll be happy to see go. With that being said a lot of great music made it’s way to my ears and that is one of the few things that provided a silver lining to a pretty poor year.


It’s here that I like to point out that this list is, obviously, opinion based and you may reverently disagree with me. That’s fine. Of course, it’s also worth noting that I am usually pretty much always right and this list follows that rule. Anything I put here I would recommend for you to listen to in a heartbeat. In fact, you should buy all of these records. They’re all worth the price you pay. So without further ado here are the best albums of 2011.

The 5 Best EPs/Non-Album Collections

5. Diamond-Don’t Lose Your Cool


The opening track to this release, Sunburn, is one of my favorite songs of the year. Good punk with enough pop to make you want to dance. Very good. Not a dull moment in the 7 songs that are offered up.

4. Grown Ups-Handholder

I like fun punk music. Add in some gruff vocals and melodies that make you want to move and you’ve made a fan out of me. The album opener, Wigwam, is just gold. It’s what a fun song should be and Grown Ups nailed it.

3. Teen Rebel Dopefiends-Demo

As I’ve already stated, punk rock has and always will have a special place in my heart. This EP is fast, loud, and just the right kind of sloppy. Full of energy and conviction I could see myself being front and center at a show of there’s, sweating and with a raspy voice from shouting back the lyrics.

2. Against Me!-Occult Enemies[7-inch]

In recent years I haven’t heard a band get as much scorn as the boys in Against Me. From the very vocal detractors claiming they sold out with their last record, White Crosses, an album that is actually really great. Sure they weren’t singing about throwing bricks through windows, but eventually you grow up and realize that you can’t behave like that all the time. You evolve. Something this band does. Something that The Clash did. And while not nearly as good as The Clash, Against Me! is the one band that embodies them the most. With the release of the 7-inch Occult Enemies we find a band that seems to be doing just fine after ending their relationship with a major label. If the two songs presented here are any indication of what their next full length will be I have a feeling a bunch of people will be biting their tongues when it comes to this band sucking now.

1. Sledding With Tigers-The Arrested Cats

This is the best EP of the year. It’s a low-fi offering that draws comparisons immediately to The Mountain Goats. Perhaps the best part of this record is that even though it’s filled with tales of heartbreak and sadness, it still makes you smile. A review written on the great site got this completely right. This album makes you happy. What more can you want from a 5 track offering (that you can get for free at their band camp page). Listen to the first track, The Kids Will Be Alright, Eventually and closer Valentimes Is Serious Times and try not to fall in love with this band.

Honorable Mentions: Glassjaw-Coloring Book; Mixtapes-Hope is for People; Self Defense Family-I’m Going Through Some Shit Right Now; Daytrader-Last Days of Rome; Make Do and Mend-Parts and Parcel


2 Best Compilations

I feel the need to mention these two pieces of music because they’ve found themselves in heavy rotation with me. Sure, it’s not really new material, but it’s still damn good.

2. SHARKS-The Joys of Living 2008-2010

SHARKS are the British answer to The Gaslight Anthem and it simply works. It’s feel good music, just like you would get with Brian Fallon and the rest of the gang in Gaslight. Listen to The Joys of Living, Trains, and It All Relates and tell me I’m wrong. Such good music.

1. Alkaline Trio-Damnesia

Alkaline Trio decided to make an album of songs they already wrote and add a new feel to them. At first, it just sounded like they were being lazy. But you know what, any thought like that was wrong. Hearing new renditions of songs like Nose Over Tail, acoustic takes on phenomenal love songs Every Thug Needs A Lady and You’ve Got So Far To Go make this album well worth it. Add to that Matt Skiba’s Olde English 800 and you have a Trio song that is as fun as you can get. Solid release from a band that never disappoints.

Top 20 Albums of 2011

20. Shannon and the Clams-Sleep Talk

I didn’t think I would enjoy this 60’s power pop inspired as much as I did. To be honest, I didn’t want to like it all. They’re a weird looking band and have a sound that, I guess, fit’s the look. Needless to say I found myself playing this a lot more than I intended and it definitely grew on me. Pretty fun stuff.

19. Broken Gold-Recovery Journal

So it seems pointless to not begin this little review by saying how front man/guitarist Ian MacDougall was hit by a car while riding his bike home one day. While in the hospital, recovering from some frightening injuries, he decided to keep a journal. A recovery journal, so to speak. What resulted was an album based on the journal he kept to get through this hard time. You can hear it in the music, too. The yearning to get better, the pain he must have felt, and it all comes across as beautiful and unafraid. Recovery Journal is a great, honest release.

18. The Darkest Hour-The Human Romance

Every year end music list needs a good metal album (mine has two ). The first is The Darkest Hour’s Human Romance. To me, the thing that stands out on this record is the drumming of Ryan Parrish. The guy simply tears it up. Add in the rough vocals, and blistering guitars and you have a fine, fine record.

17. Dead To Me-Moscow Penny Ante

This is probably, in my opinion, the best punk album of the year. Dead To Me has always been known for brining forth great/fun songs that are full of sing alongs and good times. It took me awhile to give this a chance (there was no reason for this) but when I did it was well worth the multiple listens.

16. The Decemberists-The King Is Dead

The previous Decemberists album, The Hazards of Love, was a sprawling literary/fantasy based concept record that had 17 songs and genre jumped often. It was a great release. For The King Is Dead they cut the dramatics down a little bit (upped the REM influence) and showed why they are one of the best, most consistent bands in indie rock today.

15. Unearth-Darkness in the Light

Unearth is the best metal band out there today. They’re loud, aggressive, and really just incredible. The musicianship that the band is known for (ie: intense drumming, spiraling guitar work, pounding bass) are all here on this release. If there was an album to listen to to get pumped up, it would probably be this. If you consider yourself a fan of metal you probably already love these guys out of Boston. If you don’t, well I would suggest getting this album and joining in on the love.

14. Nothington-Borrowed Time

This was another album I got into late. Their previous release, Road, Bridges and Ruins, was a record I really enjoyed. I was excited to hear their newest release, after a promising EP I can say that Borrowed Time surpassed all expectations I had. This is the best thing this band has released and I really hope that they can top it, though it will be a hard task.

13. Frank Turner-England Keep My Bones

Frank Turner has grown up. And while one of the best things about his previous releases were how they had a youthful flare to them, it’s pretty nice to see the guy grow up and do so in such a graceful way. This is some of Turner’s best music put to tape and honestly, it’s a great record for someone who’s feeling the effects of getting older. I only hope that I’m able to do that in a way like Frank Turner.

12. The Get Up Kids-There Are Rules

I have a confession. Ever since I heard The Get Up Kids debut record, Four Minute Mile, I’ve been a fan boy. They could record an album of them spitting into a bucket and I would like it. Thankfully, I am able to put my love for the band aside when looking at There Are Rules and can say that it’s a fine indie album. Sure, it doesn’t have the great “emo” sound of Something To Write Home About or the brilliance of On A Wire, but it’s good in it’s own right. And every fan of the band should be very happy with the release. And if you never heard any of their stuff before, well, I still think you would find this record to be a gratifying experience.

11. Crazy Arm-Union City Breath

I had no expectations whatsoever regarding this band and thusly this album blew me away. It’s just the right mix of straight up rock with punk sensibilities. You know, UK punk sensibilities. Anti fascist kind of stuff. And it’s just great. The music is wonderful, the lyrics are smart and heartfelt, and you can’t help but want to throw your fist in the air and sign up for some labor movement.

10. Defeater-Empty Days and Sleepless Nights

This band rocks. I would call them the best band in hardcore today. But that would be selling them short considering that on this record they transcend hardcore for folk, rock, and just overall great music. From start to finish, Empty Days and Sleepless Nights will keep you captivated and wondering why you haven’t been listening to these guys before. Just such a great band that reinvents what hardcore music is and what it could be. So good.

9. Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room-Hurricane Season

I love pretty much everything that Alkaline Trio has ever released. Hell, I’ve loved the bands they were a part of before becoming the Trio. All of the side projects and solo recordings that Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano have been a part of have been gold to my ears. I always enjoyed Skiba’s out put a bit more, but to be honest I’m not sure why. My favorite Trio songs are all Dan songs and Dan’s solo output has been just as good if not better than Skiba’s. Which brings me to Hurricane Season. I’ve found that on the past few releases my favorite songs have definitely been the “Dan” songs. When I heard he would be putting out a solo record I was excited and honestly couldn’t wait. Andriano always had the ability to write forlorn lyrics but craft them in a way that spoke universally and didn’t come off as anything but genuine. Just read the lyrics to Maybe I’ll Catch Fire and tell me that you’ve never felt what the lyrics are saying. Thankfully, the same kind of melancholy that Dan would bring to songs like the previous mentioned Maybe I’ll Catch Fire are there in full abundance on Hurricane Season. It’s not a depressing record per se, but it’s a record that showcases a kind of loneliness and longing that is felt by people everywhere. It’s exactly why when you hear him sing on the opening track: I woke up with no one to tell/About the stains on the ceiling in my hotel/So I laid here for hours/Just trying to spell out your name; you can’t help but fall in love.

8. Balance and Composure-Separation

A review I read about this album on the aforementioned website said how this record was heavily influenced by the amazing In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by the band Neutral Milk Hotel. Considering that In the Aeroplane…. is one of my favorite records ever I didn’t really think that much could ever top it. That still stands true today, but after listening to Separation several times through I began to understand what the reviewer meant. The vocal delivery is similar, though much more aggressive, than Neutral Milk Hotel and the songs are harder. But there is something about the record that just makes you feel like you’re listening to a classic. I don’t think a band could ask for more than that. I know I couldn’t.

7. Seahaven-Winter Forever

This is a winter album. That might not come as a shock considering the title, but it really is a quintessential winter record. There’s a sense of loss in the songs that make you feel like you’re driving down a dark highway in the freezing cold, but instead of hating the journey you’ve grown to love it. That’s this album. It’s instantly accessible to the listener and you’ll be playing it over and over. The one complaint some people have is the vocal work of Kyle Soto. I really don’t understand the criticism since to me his hesitant, world weary sound fit’s the music perfectly. And the guy can still belt it when he needs to. This is a wonderful debut full length for a band that seems to be coming into their own.

6. O’Brother-Garden Window

This is the best debut album of the year. Taking influences from music acts such as Manchester Orchestra, Thrice, and Pink Floyd O’Brother has crafted a concept album that revolves around God and does so in a way that never comes off as pretentious. It’s really just an amazing release. Add in the fact that they are some of the nicest guys I’ve had the privilege to speak to (both times that I saw them they were nothing but kind and appreciative). I can see this band taking off soon and I am very happy to have been there from the get go. And if they do get big it couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of guys.

5. The Horrible Crowes-Elsie

Brian Fallon can seemingly do no wrong. His and the rest of the gang in Gaslight Anthem they have crafted some of the best records of the past 10 years. In fact. All of them are classics. The solo-ish album, Elsie, is simply fantastic. It’s the perfect night time album and also the perfect breakup record. As excited as I am for the New Gaslight recording coming out later this year, I am more than happy to listen to Elsie on repeat till The Gaslight Anthem drops.

4. Thrice-Major/Minor

This could very well be Thrice’s swan song (I really hope not though), but if it is, it’s a hell of a way to go out. For a band that has spanned a decade they have never disappointed. One of the things that I love about Thrice is that they rarely (if ever) have put out an album that sounds like their previous release. They always try new things. I love it. I want my bands to evolve (much like the great band Brand New). I don’t want stagnant music. I want dynamic flourishes that test the scope a band has to offer. Sometimes it falls flat, but when it comes to Thrice they nail it every single time. Add in one of the best songs of the year in Anthology comes from this release, it just adds to the allure. So, so, so good.

3. Bayside-Killing Time

Bayside gets better with every release. Their most recent offering, Killing Time, finds the band coming into their own. The guitar work is amazing, the drums have never sounded so tight, lead singer Anthony Raneri’s vocal sound simply amazing, and the band offers up some aggression that was missing from some of their previous releases. There is not a bad song on this record. It’s instantly relatable and instantly attention worthy. The band out of New York has created their best album to date and I am excited to see where they go from here. Looking at their track record it seems like they are due for a masterpiece.

2. Manchester Orchestra-Simple Math

The title track on this Manchester’s new album is the best album of the year. It’s also the best music video that came out this year as well. But the amazing vibe this album gives off doesn’t end there. Now, a quick little aside, I turned 23 in May and lead singer/principal songwriter/mastermind behind Manchester Orchestra, Andy Hull, also turned 23 this year. Simple Math is an album full of questions that Andy Hull has asked himself and the world. Full of songs regarding religion, God in general, love, addiction, and sex I have not heard an album that has discussed these topics in a more poignant and intellectual way. As stated before, turning 23 myself definitely helped me get through the year. Especially considering the drunken questions I had regarding my faith, God, relationships, and everything else. This band gets better and better. 2009’s Mean Everything to Nothing was the best record of the year and Simple Math may have even surpassed it.

1. The Mountain Goats-All Eternals Deck

John Darnielle, along with Craig Finn of The Hold Steady, are the best songwriters/storytellers in all of music. Sure, they both might have a soft spot for bands such as The Replacements and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, but I will say that both The Mountain Goats and The Hold Steady eclipse those two classic bands. And between the brilliant songwriting/storytelling of both these bands, I may have to go with The Mountain Goats. It’s just fantastic, eclectic music that simpley knows hoe to envelope you into a story/song. It’s so good. Regrdless if it’s the overtly personal offering such as The Mountain Goats great record The Sunset Tree or the varied story telling of All Eternals Deck, you can’t help but be captivated. If you may forgive my language for a moment, this record is fucking great from the opening quiet drums and soft guitar strums of opener Damn Thee Vampires (a great song to sing along to in concert) to the final hushed, yet slightly tense ending track Liza Forever Minnelli. The thirteen songs offer up are simply great. Sure they aren’t the concept laden album of records of past Mountain Goats records, yet All Eternals Deck is. It’s an album that is life affirming and follows a path of getting through tough situations (even if they are based on horror movie themes, done in a smart and classy way of course). And to be honest, the 1-2 punch that ends the album in Never Quite Free (one of the best songs/best songs lyrically of 2011) and Liza Forever Minnelli are two of the best songs to close an album that I have ever heard. Needless to say, The Mountain Goats have knocked it out of the park. A simply brilliant, captivating release that deserves all the attention it can muster. They don’t seem to be slowing down and I am incredibly excited to see what they offer up next. I’m sure it to will be great.


Honorable Mentions:


Pain-You Only Live Once; Old Man Malarkey-Guts N’ Teeth; Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band-Between the Concrete & Clouds; La Dispute-Wildlife; Title Fight-Shed; Laura Stevenson and the Cans-Sit Resist; Saves the Day-Daybreak; Radiohead-The King of Limbs; Smoking Popes-This Is Only A Test; Title Fight-Shed; The Twilight Singers-Steps; Fleet Foxes-Helplessness Blues


I’m sure that I missed a bunch of great releases this year and if you want feel free to add them to this list in an angry way or in a kind, Keith must just be forgetful way. Either way I appreciate it.


As for 2012, I am very much looking forward to releases from The Menzingers, The Gaslight Anthem, Rancid, Gatsbys American Dream, SHARKS, Weatherbox, Make Do and Mend, and Hot Water Music. There’s more I’m sure. Feel free to correct me.

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!

Greg Gutfeld 2012

December 18, 2011

If I’m being completely honest with myself, there is only one (among the several other) “conservative” republican presdiential nominees that I am going with. A vote for Ron Paul is a throw away vote, (right?) and a vote for Gary Johnson or John Hunstmas is one of the same. So why not make my ballot one for a funny guy who is pretty much dead on with most of my opinions. God bless us insomniacs that don’t all get off to The Daily Show (though Mr. Stewart can be pretty damn funny) and pool together for the late, late night show with someone on a news channel that murders a whole lot of dissapinonated (not a word?) minded people.

So if not Ron Paul 2012 (with all his “crazy” ideas involging forerign policy) let’s all vote for Greg Gutfeld 2012. Even if it’s a losing effort, let’s go Gutfeld. I haven’t laughed more often at/with or agreed with a person more in the past 5 years then I have with Greg Gutfeld. So, not a fan of Ron Paul in 2012?

Well, Greg Gutfeld 2012. That’s where I’m going. Never has a write in vote ever felt so right.

To Whoever Was Playing Basketball Last Night Outside My House

December 17, 2011

Not every lay-up, swish, or even block needs to be accompanied by an animal like grunt and various words most likely spoken in tongues. You could just give someone a high five and say “way to go!” It doesn’t have to be all dramatics. Sometimes being subtle is a much more intense sense of leadership. And I know, whoever you are, want to lead your pick up game team to an easy 21 points. Or maybe 15 or 11 if you were strapped for time. But I know you weren’t, because it was kind of late (past 10) and it just seemed like it was getting going. So I hope you played to at least 21. Because your yells, the constant drone of a rubber ball bouncing, and my pounding head ache would never want to be in vain.

Good Morning

December 10, 2011

I’ve never written a blog in the morning. I tend to have my “creative” spurts in the evening and wee hours of the morning (you know, when it’s pitch black and people tend to do shady things like taunt kittens with scraps of food). But because of a decent bender last night I find myself up and feeling the need to here my figners tap away at my keyboard. This post has no point (as I said before I am only creative in the God awful hours of the day) so all I will say is that I hope eevryone has a good morning and a great day. Make it a good one. Or at least a decent one. Or, actually, make it whatever you want. Who am I to tell you what to do. I”m just a slub on a laptop trying to make sense of a senseless world. Cheers!