Sleeplessness and the Haze of Understanding Everything (even if they’re lies)

If you happen to own a copy of Chuck Klosterman’s fantastic collection of essays Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, you can skip this and read the page an a half introduction where he explains how there are basically two types of people in the world; morning people and evening people. The kind of person you are makes a dramatic difference in how you view the world and it’s many components.

Like Klosterman, I fall into the night category. It’s amazing how right on the cusp of sleep everything is ok. The worries I had only moments before are crafted into a perfectly sensible, working organism. All the pieces fit and nothing is without reason.  I imagine that this is the compelte clarity that people experience on their death bed.

All the ideas and feelings that are laid out in this blog have been contemplated right before I drift into sleep. This is the writing of a completely lucid stream of conscience. This is the mind free of self. Freud would have a field day with me.*

*Really. We’d probably go to a carnival of some kind and he would make crude comments about foot longs and I’d laugh because that’s what you do when a German runs his hand up your thigh.

Oh! Another thing. I don’t care much for facts. I mean, of course facts have their place and if I really need to be factual I will be, but for other things, I just kind of go with it. I invite you to just kind of go with it as well. It will be a lot more fun that way. And a whole lot easier for me to lie and not get called out on it. Thanks.

Oh! Oh! One other thing. I’m not the best speller in the world. I’m also not the worst, but I’m sure you will find mistakes through the duration of my ramblings. It’s kind of sad considering I was an English major in college. Can you tell I dropped out?


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