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2012 Presidential Election and the Issues You Should Care About

October 26, 2012

I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed but apparently there’s some sort of election coming up. There’s these two guys who are going against each other that everyone is talking about and a bunch of other people who some people are talking about. Basically, one of the two guys who a lot of people are talking about is going to win. Regardless of your feelings on either of them they’re going to get into the oval office.

There’s been several debates (three since I don’t include the secret meetings in my treehouse) and they’ve spouted there feelings regarding a range of topics. From the economy to abortion to Iran to healthcare to the economy, they’ve said quite a lot. Unfortunately neither of them have answered the questions that are really on the minds of Americans. Thankfully I gathered a focus group who let me know what they were thinking. The top five questions:

1) Who can cook the best pot roast? Follow up, do you use a crock pot or other methods of the ancient skill of cooking?

2) If a baby murdered a family member of yours would you be ok with charging it as an adult? Follow up, if convicted would the infant be put into solitary confinement, aka “super timeout”?

3) Jacob or Edward? Follow up, what if Godzilla were part of the mix?

4) If given the oppurtunity to meet any person that has ever lived on this planet, who would it be? Follow up, would you meet them at Khols?

5) Do you know where I put my car keys? Follow up, seriously. I’m getting worried someone might have stolen them.