Greg Gutfeld 2012

If I’m being completely honest with myself, there is only one (among the several other) “conservative” republican presdiential nominees that I am going with. A vote for Ron Paul is a throw away vote, (right?) and a vote for Gary Johnson or John Hunstmas is one of the same. So why not make my ballot one for a funny guy who is pretty much dead on with most of my opinions. God bless us insomniacs that don’t all get off to The Daily Show (though Mr. Stewart can be pretty damn funny) and pool together for the late, late night show with someone on a news channel that murders a whole lot of dissapinonated (not a word?) minded people.

So if not Ron Paul 2012 (with all his “crazy” ideas involging forerign policy) let’s all vote for Greg Gutfeld 2012. Even if it’s a losing effort, let’s go Gutfeld. I haven’t laughed more often at/with or agreed with a person more in the past 5 years then I have with Greg Gutfeld. So, not a fan of Ron Paul in 2012?

Well, Greg Gutfeld 2012. That’s where I’m going. Never has a write in vote ever felt so right.

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