My Computer Crashed

Well, sort of. Basically, my documents don’t appear anywhere. Though, if I go onto my Windows Media Player I can listen to all of the music I have (thank God considering I have thousands and thousands of songs on there) though I can’t actually find where the file is. So, it’s kind of strange. It could be the fact that the last site I went on was less than trust worthy site,, but I’m pretty sure the virus’ give are just annoying pop ups rather than full on fucking destroy your hard drive things. Except for my music. Because music shows human spirit and the human spirit always prevails.

So who’s behind this attack on my computer? Microsoft and google of course. It all started from a google update which I didn’t want. See, google is in bed with microsoft. And Microsoft knows that I’ve thinking about purchasing a Mac. This angers the people at Microsoft and they figure if they can’t have my business they might as well just make having it feel really bad.

So fuck microsofts shitty anti-virus coverage. The kind that matters is the kind that costs you an arm and a leg and I refuse to pay just to have it happen again later, like it’s happened to me before. Garbage I tells you. A huge coup of garbage,


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