To The Three Angry Guys At Walmart

I was at Walmart tonight, everyone’s favorite well priced hell, when three males walked by me angrily. I’m not sure what they were angry about, possibly the whole firing of Joe Paterno (I know I am), but boy were they were mad. Especially one of the fellas. He was using cuss words left and right and the other guy was trying to calm him down while the other guy was looking at blouses (possibly for his lady but more likely for his friday club nights).

So I just felt the need, as a concerned citizen, to let him know that everything is going to be alright. Life is full of things that make you angry and it’s OK to get a bit testy, but don’t get caught up on it. It could be worse. You could be stuck on a long line at I don’t know, Walmart, surrounded by three angry guys who look like they want to punch you in the mouth just because you’re there.

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