My Punk Rock Ethos

I was sitting in a Starbucks parking lot sipping a pumpkin spice latte when I thought about how a younger version of myself would hate that I was drinking a beverage from a global company. You know, when I was younger and put X’s on my hands to show how I was straight-edge. How I would ball up my fists and throw them in the air to show how I was against corporate America (or Amerika as some people would write). And as I sat in my American made car which is comprised of parts made in various factories around the world I wondered if my idealism had faded with age and a terrible understanding of how the world really works. You know, without the John Lennon song lyrics.

I grew up listening to punk rock (as well as the Eagles and Peter, Paul, and Mary) and found joy in bands like MXPX, Rancid, and The Clash (the best and only band that matters). This music made me rebellious in my younger years and I guess I carried a part of it with me into adulthood. I vividly (not really) rememebr an ex girl friend telling me how I had a punk attitude about me that was sexy. I never realized this about myself but I guess it could be apparent to those as close enough to me to be in my bedroom (as the TV blasts). I never thought of myself as being punk, not now anyway. But the punk sensibilities have stuck with me.

I suppose they could contribute to my libertarian political views. I guess they could have me second guessing my decison to purchase a drink from Starbucks. Or a book written by anarchists from Barnes and Noble. Or listening to the very music that made me want to rebel through a Phillips mp3 player and Sony headphones. Or my choice of gathering information about the world from a cable news network (I should probably get it froma zine). But in the end do these ideals I have amoutn to bullshit?  Possibly. I hope not, but they could.

Here’s the part of this where I get honest about my writing. At the moment, I’ve had a lot of gin. And this is something that I started writing back in September (though pretty much completely different) and I felt like I needed to get it out. You know, to the severl people that stumble on this site. At the moment I don’t really know how to end this. I could say that New Amsterdam gin is cheap and gets the job done, and I could say that Lucero is  band you should check out (the shuffle of my media player has brought them on right now). But instead I’ll just end this by saying that the ideals you cling to can change over time. And that if you find yourself drinking a beverage from a company that thrives off corporate douchebaggery you should probably look the other way and just enjoy. I mean, when has one person changed the world?

You know, besides all those people that helped move us along.


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