Let us all agree

A duck would be no match for a non duck creature when it comes to being a duck.

I know that you may say that there is possibly a creature out there that would be able to dupilcate the antics of a duck and you may be right. But the truth is that this impersonating mallard would not have the correct genetic makeup and therefore would ever be as good as being a duck, even if it’s not so bad at pretending (the same principal can be used with the logic of taking a cousin to prom. It doesn’t matter if she’s a looker, she’s still family).

Now, some of you may be asking why I’m bringing up such a seemingly non-sensical issue. Well, here’s the answer: we need to start getting along. There’s a lot of chaos going on in the world (which I guess could be said at every point ever in history) and it’d be nice if we could all just agree on one thing. I think there is promise in this movement.

Occupy the Pond in 2011/12.

Occupy the Pond


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