This is my 200th post on this blog of mine.

And if you fo some reason wanted to read though all the blogs I’ve churned out on here I imagine you’d be better off. And by better off I mean probably not coming away from anything with this garbage.

But maybe you laughed. Thats’ how I started this thing. Something light hearted about current events. And I’ve�tried to update my posts multiply times a day. Just to get some whatever out there. The truth is�most of the things I was churning out was just not that good. Not�that funny. But this can be recctofied. Ans it will be. For the uncompoing 400 blog celebretory celebreations nothing will change. I’ll shoot out the stories that no one really wants to read full of stuff I faked interest in, And I bet I lose readers do to the bigger blogs. I mean, to be honest, Sporadiec Reverie never stood a chance at getting swept up in the blogosphere (which sounds sexy to me).

But thanks to tall of you who are regular readers. Thanks to you who saw me post something on a site you go onto and figured why the fuck not see what this guy is all about. Thanks to�the people who went out of there way to call me the scum of the earth because Casey Anthony got out of dying for a crime they couldn’t link to her.

With any luck, we can get this to 300 entries of pure nonsese. Here’s holding out for hope. Or the end time. Ya know, whatever comes first.

There was another sign we could have used but the only ones that got to work were these freaks.

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