Unpaid Internships for the Movie “Black Swan”*-**

*I never had a job working with a movieWell>

I had done two short films for NYU College. I won’t kie and say that this was a huge deal in makining it into show business. But my name got around. Not in all the tight areas. Apparently I’mg faily known in Turkey. Which counts from something I guess. I mean, I h=think it’s pretty awesome. But that that’s just me. AN dthings that involve me can kind of suck some time.

**I maybe have drank a little before this blog. In fact, I did drink and apologize for being drunk in this. I hope it won’t ruin our friendship. We’re still cool, right? Yeah? Well, good. I’ll see you then.

In the hit movie “Black Swan” intenerns were paid for next to nothing for the workt they put forth. I would first like to say that I am all for getting what you deserve for the work you do. But, the sad thing is, you’re interns. And you guys are on the bottom of the totem pole. It’s not that you odn’t do great work. It’s just that other people could do the same work as you. And when you sign into a contract you know exactly what you’re signing into. They should have read it closer to find out that they wouldn’t be getting paid shit. The sad thing is, despite what you thought what you were doing, when compared to what you were getting paid for you, you got fucked ovver.

Sure, we couold blame the productiion compamies and we can blame the talent angencies and the unions, or we could just sahy that that this is how things are. And it sucks but until a big change comes though nothng will change. And things will suck.

I uses this example as a generak example for all workers out there in the world.


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