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My Punk Rock Ethos

October 28, 2011

I was sitting in a Starbucks parking lot sipping a pumpkin spice latte when I thought about how a younger version of myself would hate that I was drinking a beverage from a global company. You know, when I was younger and put X’s on my hands to show how I was straight-edge. How I would ball up my fists and throw them in the air to show how I was against corporate America (or Amerika as some people would write). And as I sat in my American made car which is comprised of parts made in various factories around the world I wondered if my idealism had faded with age and a terrible understanding of how the world really works. You know, without the John Lennon song lyrics.

I grew up listening to punk rock (as well as the Eagles and Peter, Paul, and Mary) and found joy in bands like MXPX, Rancid, and The Clash (the best and only band that matters). This music made me rebellious in my younger years and I guess I carried a part of it with me into adulthood. I vividly (not really) rememebr an ex girl friend telling me how I had a punk attitude about me that was sexy. I never realized this about myself but I guess it could be apparent to those as close enough to me to be in my bedroom (as the TV blasts). I never thought of myself as being punk, not now anyway. But the punk sensibilities have stuck with me.

I suppose they could contribute to my libertarian political views. I guess they could have me second guessing my decison to purchase a drink from Starbucks. Or a book written by anarchists from Barnes and Noble. Or listening to the very music that made me want to rebel through a Phillips mp3 player and Sony headphones. Or my choice of gathering information about the world from a cable news network (I should probably get it froma zine). But in the end do these ideals I have amoutn to bullshit?  Possibly. I hope not, but they could.

Here’s the part of this where I get honest about my writing. At the moment, I’ve had a lot of gin. And this is something that I started writing back in September (though pretty much completely different) and I felt like I needed to get it out. You know, to the severl people that stumble on this site. At the moment I don’t really know how to end this. I could say that New Amsterdam gin is cheap and gets the job done, and I could say that Lucero is  band you should check out (the shuffle of my media player has brought them on right now). But instead I’ll just end this by saying that the ideals you cling to can change over time. And that if you find yourself drinking a beverage from a company that thrives off corporate douchebaggery you should probably look the other way and just enjoy. I mean, when has one person changed the world?

You know, besides all those people that helped move us along.


Things I’ve Learned From Haunted Houses

October 27, 2011

This October I’ve found myself at several (meaning four) haunted houses (though none of them were in a house and one of them was just a smelly Denny’s with an out of order restroom. So I’ve really just been to three). You might not think there is much that a person can learn from going to a haunted ouse. Sure you could possibly learn to deal with some of your deepest fears in a relatively safe enviorment (I say relatively because I’m pretty sure I tripped several times), but that’s pretty much it. Well, I’d have to disagree with you if you feel that way because I learned quite a few things from my ventures into these dark, bloody, howling places.

The first thing I learned is that some people suck. OK. I already knew this, but one experience just solidified my beliefs. Using my logic that every emotion a person feels is felt because of the polar opposite emotion (I wrote about this and you should probably sift through my archives to find it so you know what I mean) my being annoyed at these people was because my previous experiences at attractions of this ilk weren’t filled with people who really suck. I’m not sure why people behave certain ways sometimes, but if you ever find yourself at a haunted house where you’re with people you don’t know, be courteous. It’s really not that hard to not be an asshole. So, you know, don’t be one.

The ghosts, clowns, psych patients, crazed butchers and the rest of the inhabitants of these dreary structures are actually just poorly paid actors who need the money to  cover their foolish decision to buy that enviornmentally friendly car. Yes, when you go to these places you suspend belief, but if you get scared it’s good to remember what they really are: drama majors.

If you run from the aformentioned people they’ll run after you. Which is why when you get scared you should probably stay completely still. No one will harm you if you just stop moving (this is my T-Rex theory). I would say you should go to Camden New Jersey and take a walk late at night to test my my idea, but I don’t want the legal trouble. Kinkos messed up my consent forms.

You should probably pee before you go to a haunted house. There’s two reasons why I’vecome to this conclusion and they’re both fairly obvious reasons. The first being that you don’t want to piss yourself when some guy in a mask (my neighbor Phil) pops out from behind an oddly placed piece of dry wall in a dimly lit room. The other reason is that if you go to a haunted house you’ll probably have to wait on line for a while. I imagine wetting yourself before you even go into the building is a pretty embarassing time (just ask Phil).

So there a few things you should consider before you go venture off to get scared. I apologize to anyone who googled haunted houses and stumbled on this. Maybe next year I’ll write something a little more factual.

Happy haunting!

Human Rights Violation and the Death of Muammar Gaddafi*

October 22, 2011

After decades of human rights violations orchestrated by the Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi was dragged through the streets in a vicious display of violence. Let me be clear that there is not an ounce of sympathy in my body for the man and to be candid I feel that the way he died was a too good for him. Thinking with a mind focused on the political/military aspects of his death it seems reasonable that we played a rather large part in taking him down considering how he killed American citizens. But to be honest, I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about the odd thing that is happening with the United Nations regarding this awful man’s death.

The UN has suggested that the killing of the former Libyan leader by rebel forces amounts to a war crime. That’s right. The killing of a crazed abusive ruler by the people who he oppressed is considered a war crime by the symbol of international peace keepin (the symbol in theory anyway. Not God awful reality). I don’t know about you, but this logic (or lack there of) blows my mind.

I understand that there are “rules” when it comes to war (I actually don’t understand this) and that the UN investigating the execution is more symbolic than anything 0f substance (meaning pointless), but it just seems so hypocritical. It’s almost like if the UN wanted to withold food from starving African nations because famine has rights too (this is a terrible metaphor). If anything, though, maybe this kind of UN action will have the United States re-thinking it’s participation with this global group. Probably not though and that sucks.

*Just to be thorough:

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    • Omar al Ghaddafi


Let us all agree

October 15, 2011

A duck would be no match for a non duck creature when it comes to being a duck.

I know that you may say that there is possibly a creature out there that would be able to dupilcate the antics of a duck and you may be right. But the truth is that this impersonating mallard would not have the correct genetic makeup and therefore would ever be as good as being a duck, even if it’s not so bad at pretending (the same principal can be used with the logic of taking a cousin to prom. It doesn’t matter if she’s a looker, she’s still family).

Now, some of you may be asking why I’m bringing up such a seemingly non-sensical issue. Well, here’s the answer: we need to start getting along. There’s a lot of chaos going on in the world (which I guess could be said at every point ever in history) and it’d be nice if we could all just agree on one thing. I think there is promise in this movement.

Occupy the Pond in 2011/12.

Occupy the Pond

We are the 99 Percent: The Hypocrisy of Protest

October 13, 2011

I love protests. Peaceful rallies and gatherings of people with a cause fill me with joy. Even if I disagree with what you’re saying I love the fact that we live in a country where you are afforded the ability to voice your opinions to the masses. With this being said I’m pretty torn regarding my views of the Occupy Wallstreet movement.

Not torn over what I really think of it, but torn about how my love of protests are being slightly hurt due to a bunch of people who don’t really know what they are protesting. Sure, you could say that it’s essentially a referendum on corporate greed. I get that. There has always been a discussion on the merits of greed. On one hand you can say that greed destroys people and ruins lives. On the other, the argument can be made that without greed nothing gets done. The world would be in a constant state of static. It’s human nature to want. So if a corporation wants to increase profits, can you really blame them?

But I’m not here to talk about why they are protesting because, as I said before, I’m not really sure what they are protesting. What I do want to talk about is how many of the people protesting are incredibly hypocritical. Case and point.

You have a group of young Americans who have taken to the streets because of their inability to find a job. Being fueled by the feelings of anger over not having a job after spending four years of their lives to get a liberal arts degree from an overpriced university seems justified. I’d be angry too. And to be honest, I feel that college is one of the biggest scams in America (which is what you say when you’re 23 and you don’t have a degree and make less money because you lack a slip of paper). So I get why they’re pissed off. But while they are blaming corporate America for their strife they are all slaves to the very capitalist society they want to destroy. How many of these true belivers are sleeping in the park wearing clothing from large companies? How many of them have gone to Walmart or Target to purchase their graphic tees and converse? What about the people on their iPhones while barking about the “evil” practices of global companies such as Apple?  Or the girls walking the streets wearing cosmetic products from  companies such as Cover Girl and Loreal? Or bras and thongs from Victoria’s Secret (this excludes the nude female protestors of course)?

If you really believe that corporations are souless and evil than feel free to voice your displeasure over them. But don’t show up at the party while wearing the mark of the beast. You just look foolish. It happened in the 60’s and it will happen again here. And that’s just how things work. Winter will come and it’ll be a little harder to muster up anger when you’re freezing in a park. It’s at the point where you look to your right and see a homeless person who is rifiling through the trash to find something to sustatin his life where you have to feel pretty bad about yourself. At least you get to gohome after you’ve had your fill of the drugs, sex, and yelling. That guy, if he’s lucky, gets to go to a shelter assuming that they have occupancy available. God life is tough sometimes, but, you know, the homeless guy did drugs and probably suffers from mental problems so it’s not the same as what we’re doing. Though, I’m sure that homeless person had a plan and something happened and the planned got messed up. And things changed and making blunders with money caught up to him. And that sucks so much more than being a kid fresh out of college not being able to find a job but who can still go home and get a home cooked meal with a roof over their head.

And lastly, God, these punks just took Wendys Whats your 99 and made them look like jerks. I apologize to the fine people at Wendys for all these rebel rousers. Give it time. They have to go home sometime.

This is my 200th post on this blog of mine.

October 12, 2011

And if you fo some reason wanted to read though all the blogs I’ve churned out on here I imagine you’d be better off. And by better off I mean probably not coming away from anything with this garbage.

But maybe you laughed. Thats’ how I started this thing. Something light hearted about current events. And I’ve�tried to update my posts multiply times a day. Just to get some whatever out there. The truth is�most of the things I was churning out was just not that good. Not�that funny. But this can be recctofied. Ans it will be. For the uncompoing 400 blog celebretory celebreations nothing will change. I’ll shoot out the stories that no one really wants to read full of stuff I faked interest in, And I bet I lose readers do to the bigger blogs. I mean, to be honest, Sporadiec Reverie never stood a chance at getting swept up in the blogosphere (which sounds sexy to me).

But thanks to tall of you who are regular readers. Thanks to you who saw me post something on a site you go onto and figured why the fuck not see what this guy is all about. Thanks to�the people who went out of there way to call me the scum of the earth because Casey Anthony got out of dying for a crime they couldn’t link to her.

With any luck, we can get this to 300 entries of pure nonsese. Here’s holding out for hope. Or the end time. Ya know, whatever comes first.

There was another sign we could have used but the only ones that got to work were these freaks.

Things to make you happy or sad

October 12, 2011

Here are a few things to make you want to live life. Or want to leave life for good. It’s a fence. A prickly fence.

You’ll notice there is only three. I decided to just go with the mystery of what’s missing.

The Queerest of Cats


The sexiest of books.


Sadness: Note the yellow.


A Quick Meditation On Love

October 11, 2011

This friday I found myself in a tattoo parlor after a rather frustrating and albeit shitty week. A medical condition I have decided to remind me that I do in fact have it and that this fact is something I have to live with. To be quite honest, I’m doing incredibly well and consider myself nothing but blessed but still being blindsided with symptoms can cause you to forget how well off you really are. In an ironic twist, the medicine I’m taking in order to derail the symptoms I’m experiencing can actually cause the very problems I’m already having. They also cause mood swings and depression. I bring this up only because I have never experienced what depression from a medication feels like. Until now. And the overall funk I was in it was what got me to the parlor to get a permanent scar on my body (now my third).

There’s something life affirming about getting a tattoo. It feels like you’re flipping off the world. I’m not sure exactly why this is, but it is certainly therapeutic and did some wonders for my morale which as of now is still on shakey ground (but probably a bit better). So what tattoo did I get? Well I got something I know I’ll never be without. I got something that is a constant. I got love. Love in old english lettering.

Love is a rather simple thing when you think about it. It only gets all muddled when you over think it. And everyone loves something. There has never been a moment in time where there was no love. In the worst of situations there is love. Sometimes it’s hard to see, but it’s there. And I realized that even with all my troubles of the week I have love in my heart. I love my family. I love my friends, new and old. I love my records. I love my books. I love my notebooks. I love the awful prose I’ve written in them. And because I love all these things that make up me, I guess I love myself too. And that’s a pretty great feeling.


2011 Albums You Should Be Listening To

October 10, 2011

A lot of good music has come out this year. With several months left to go I’m sure I’ll be updating this accordingly. But as of now, here are some albums that if you haven’t heard you should get to hearing. I would never steer you wrong. As always, in no particular order:

A Serious Post (the passing of Mikey Welsh)

October 9, 2011

Mikey Welsh RIP

Today I was saddened to hear of the passing of a former member of one of my favorite bands of all time. Mikey Welsh, best known for his bass playing Weezer’s disgustingly underrated Green Album, left us far to soon today. Welsh, also an accomplished artist in the outsider art movement, had a history of mental disease and drug abuse. It was a nervous break down which lead him to eventually stop touring with Weezer and seek psychiatric treatment after a failed suicide attempt. 

Being someone who knows people who have/and who do suffer from depression and drug abuse I feel it important to speak out that there are other ways out of depression than suicide and drug use. There are hotlines that are available 24/7 when things just get to be too much to handle. If you find yourself in a situation where things are unbearable I urge you to go to these websites or call the hotlines provided. Don’t be another statistic. You’re loved and have so much to live for.