Forcing the Narrative*

*Forcing the Narrative or Simply Regarding My Last Two Blogs

Yesterday I realized that I hadn’t updated this thing here in several days. Feeling that there isn’t enough garbage on the internet I thought that I should spew (gross I know) some words. So I took an ambien and typed away. It went something like this: type type tappity tap type tap type tappity tap type. I started off talking about missing out on all of life’s offerings and I’m pretty sure while doing so I completely reversed whatever opinion I was making. Going with my constant MO, I decided not to go back and change the wording to make me look like someone who is at the least somewha understandiable. But no.

In fact I went on to write another article that I’m sure had something to sy though I’m not poisitive I know quite what the point was. Or I should have said that this thing I had written didn’t make since all the time and that it could have been explained away in a very easy way. But I didn’t becuse it’s me and I dodn’t believe in the integrity of my ramblings.


But to try to fix my last two entries I will quickly explain what I meant in a concise manner.

When I was speaking about missing out on life whether it’s your fault or just life in general that messes up you will find yourself missing out on possibble major things that could affect your life. It makes sense when you think about it. Taking chances and not taking chances changes what our life will be. Just daily things just like going for a walk somewhere where you don’t  normally go. How if you don’t take this walk you may miss out on something life changing. Or you may not. But the possibility is there.


As for my other posting it was dealing with ex gf’s I dated (obviously) and how I feel when I see a picture of them, or hear of their successes or failures. More about how I didn’t feel a thing. Possibly for the first time in awhile I just stopped caring. Which is human nature. To not care about the person who at one point couldn’t be without. The thought of how I just stopped caring and how it came out of the blue caught me off guard. But following with the mantra of it all, I still didn’t care.

And this made m start to think about morality and how when people say they want the best for an ex that they are just lying. It sounds good but there’s nothing of substance behind it. It doesn’t mean you wish negative thngs upon them. It’s just you stop caring enough to be bothered by their trials and triumphs. Fuck ’em, so to speak.


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