All Those Things I will Forever Be Missing Out On

I discovered a great record today. The record I found is called Union City Breath and is by the rock group Crazy Arm. It’s simply fantastic. And whil I could sit here and tell you how good this CD is and why it’s as good as I’m making it out to be, I’d rather not. There’s other websites and sources for that. What I want to talk about is all the amazing things that I’ve missed out on. Like, think about how many things that you could have partaken in and decided not to and then regret it. Like how I regret not going to Washing DC for a political rally/protest. I didn’t really think that I agreed with everything that they were saying but I could have spent some time in the capital and enjoing the sites. So I guess I should have gone.

Or what about all those awful things that you don’t know are even going on. Like how you take a certain way home and if you had taken this other way you would have discovered something awesome. Whether it be a neat store, a scenic trail, or you meeting a stranger who becomes the love of your life. You could have discovered these things, but you decided to just go your typical way home and missed out on great things.

I kind of feel I’ve been missing out on great things for awhile now. I’m not sure what I’m really doing that’s any different. But, I just kind of chosse the norm rather than the other option. Which is stupid because the norm kind of sucks.

So fuck the norm and the usual way of doing things. Do shit different. You might like it.


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