Thoughts On the 2008 Presidential Election

*Note: At the time that I started this the time line given in the first paragraph were correct, but being that I got lazy and never posted it the first paragraph isn’t using an accurate time frame. Sure, I could have re-written the opening, but, I’m lazy and didn’t want to. I apologize for my lack of will to do things right.

Last week President Obama gave a speech to a joint session of congress where he spoke about the economy and his plan to right the currently failing ship that is America’s business world. The day before that MSNBC hosted a republican presidential debate which prominently featured Rick Perry (Gov-Tex) and Mitt Romney (Gov-Mass). With all these going ons involving Washington DC and the political world I found myself thinking back to the presidential election of 2008.

When the debates were going on for the dem’s pick for their candidate I found myself really enjoying a particular senator from Indiana. He seemed honest and intelligent and had a prolific grasp on speaking.  While I had never heard of Senator Barack Obama, I felt as if I knew him and was eager to learn more about him.

As far as the republicans go, I found myself enamored with Congressman Ron Paul. It was his election bid that started me on the path to finding a political party which represented my views (libertarian). Obviously Paul didn’t get the nomination and the republicans went with Senator John McCain. I liked McCain when he ran for the oval office in 2000 and decided to hear if he could instill the same level of interest I had eight years before. As it turned out, 2008 McCain wasn’t 2000 McCain.

So when I went to the polls on election Tuesday I wasn’t 100% sure who I would end up voting for. In the end I voted for McCain. And I went home knowing that New Jersey would go for Obama and that the majority of the country would also go for Obama and he would be the next president. But I still voted for McCain because, well, I guess I agreed with him more.

But as I watched all the events surrounding the night, I was caught up in it all. All the hoopla revolving around president-to-be Obama made me wish I was on of the people who had voted for him. I guess you could say, for a moment, I became disappointed in myself for my lack of support for him. I felt as if I had missed out on something big.

As his presidency began I wished the new president well. The country would do better with a strong president, even if I didn’t agree with him many issues. But as time went on, I found myself really disliking some of his major policies. And while I still like the man on a personal level (meaning I bet he would be a fun guy to grab a beer with) I was happy that I hadn’t casted a ballot in his favor.

But as I thought about this I realized that I still regretted the decision I made that Novemeber. See, while I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be casting a vote for Obama, I was equally hesitant in the vote I did cast for McCain. McCain wasn’t who I wanted to be presdident. He was just the only candidate who stood any chance against Obama. And in reality my vote for McCain was a more a vote against Obama. And I didn’t even dislike Obama all that much at the time anyway.

So I regret that I voted for one of the two big names just because they were the only people who would ever have a legitimate chance. Which is kind of sad. That we have to compromise on our positions and beliefs just to have someone we’ll never know win what often comes down to a popularity contest.

Needless to say, I have a feeling that my vote this year will find itself somewhere beyond the first two columns on ballott. Hell, it may even be casted in pajamas on my couch. And though not likely a winner, at least it will be a vote of conviction.


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