Best Shows On TV

I would like to start by saying that this quick little list is completely opinion based. There is nothing scientific about it and you shouldn’t take it as anything other than my humble views. With that being said all of my opinions are right. They are solid and you should probably take them to heart and listen to them carefully and embrace them the way a mother bear embraces her dirty cub with her tongue. That anlalogy doesn’t make sense, but my picks for shows do. In no particular order:

Red Eye/w Greg Gutfeld

Greg Gutfeld is the funniest man on TV. In fact the three guys who are constantly on Red Eye, Andy Levy, Bill Schulz and the already mentioned Greg Gutfeld are all incredibly funny and a lot smarter than they sometimes let on. Beyond the crass and sometimes downright dumb humor (which is always funny) there is a level of comedic genius as well as well thought out ideas. Plus, having a conservative, a liberal, and a libertarian constantly on the show means that you really do get all sides of an issue. Something that FOX News is not not always known for.


The comic’s comic, Louis CK, is amazing. Sure, he is a man who has lived a pretty decrepid life, but if you’re anything like me you’re very happy that he did. He is the brains behind the amazingly funny, sweet, cringe worthy, and often poigniant show. And considering how he writes, directs, and basically contols every aspect of the show (the people at Fx give him a smaller budget to work with and in return do not not interfere with the filming process of the show, something that I find to be incredibly awesome).

Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1

This show makes me stupidly happy. Really. It makes me happy whenever it comes on Ault Swim (Cartoon Network). I’ve tried to figure out why this show makes me so giddy and I think I’ve figured out why: it’s just a stupid show that is stupid in all the right ways. The storylines are so far fetched and far from reality that it makes sense in a way in which we wish the world actually worked. This could be said for most cartoons, but for AUPS1 (formally Aqua Teen Hunger Force or ATHF for short) it just works so well. There are no lessons to be learned like in other sitcom based cartoon shows (The Simpsons, Family Guy),. Just stupid fun. And it works so well.

Children’s Hospital

I got into a conversation with a person I used to work with about this show. He couldn’t stand it ad that’s fine. To each their own as they say. But thinking back, he was completely wrong with his disgust over this show. Children’s Hospital is a show that spoofs on pretty much every medical show that has ever found it’s way onto television and puts some rather adult situations and interjects them into the setting of a children’s hospital. Perhaps the best part of the show is how through the experiences that unfold in the confines of the hospital show how medical dramas are really awful for the most part. Some of the things done on this11 minute show on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim have been done after slightly toying with absurd scenarios that come about in the show Greys Anatomy. Shining a mirror on how silly the shows that claim to be prolific actually are gives it an A+ in my book.

Rescue Me

This is the one show on the list that I have a love and hate relationship with. When it’s good, it’s great, but when it’s bad it can be downright cringe worthy. The story following a fire house in post 9/11 America is one where you find firefighters fighting fires in some very realistic scenes of what goes on in a life threatening fire. You also see how the politics of a firehouse (granted a fictional one) works. The realistic struggles the members of the deparment have over the tragedies of September 11 2001 also provide some poigniant and touching moments to the show. Of course, while the show has moments that make you tear up it also has moments where you’ll find yourself laughing heartily. Which is really saying something about the versatility of creators and head writers Dennis Leary (who also stars in the show as the troubled Tommy Gavin) and Peter Tolan.

While it seems that I am doing nothing but praising the show there are many aspects that leave viewers scratching their heads. Some characters simply vanish from the show after sustaining a lengthy and thought out plot line. Take for instance character Franco’s daughter, who was seemingly kidnapped by the character played by Susan Sarandon who had a brief relationship with Franco. But it didn’t make any sense as to why Franco didn’t put up ay real fight to regain custody of the child he claimed to love. And what about the original chief played by Jack McGee, a former firefighter himself, killed himself out of the blue seemingly to just make room for Leary’s comic friend Adam Ferrara. I’d like to make it known that I enjoy Ferrara’s portrayl of Chief ” Needles” Nelson, I really enjoyed the honesty behind Chief McGee more and the story line seemed forced. And that is probably the crux of the problems tha plague an otherwise great show. Storylines are often not completed or are not linked together in any way. It’s as if the writers just get tired of a plot line and brush it under the rug and hope no one thinks too much about all the missing parts or the awful way some characters exit the show (see Lou’s hooker girlfriend for a prime example). But hey, I turn in every Wednesday night so I guess they can do what they want and with only two shows left I have faith that they will be able to put together a program that makes me realize all over again why I loved the show to begin with.

Well there you have it. Five shows you should probably check out. I doubt that they will disappoint.

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