Drunk Driving In Maryland

A woman in Salisbury, Maryland was arrested twice for drunk driving during a 3 hour timespan. The second time she was arrested she had her 4 year old daughter in the car with her.

I had a few thoughts after reading this. Of course there was the typical reaction: wow this lady is a bitch. There was the other reaction: wow this lady is a horrible mother. And then there was this thought: she must have really needed to get somewhere if she was willing to drive blitzed twice.

Yeah, I know this thought may be odd but I’ve recently started realizing that people should probably look at the other side of seemingly horrible acts. For instance, maybe this gin swigging woman needed to go to the doctor and maybe she had a few too many the night before. So she wakes up and thinks hey, more alcohol could help this hangover. So she does this and feels better. So good in fact that she goes to the doctor appointment where she gets a sparkling clean bill of health. This is when she gets pulled over because she swerved a little after spilling some Coffee from WaWa on her thigh. So she goes to the station and she calls her friend to get her out of the klink because she has to go pick up her kid from summer camp. Her friend drives her back to her car because he/she can’t take her to the summer camp because she has to bring her pet maltese’ to get her nails done. She doesn’t want to leave her daughter there so she drives to the camp and picks her up. She starts the drive home when her kid starts belting a song she learned at camp. The mom is startled and swerves again. She’s pulled over and is arrested yet again. More of a victim than a criminal.

But to be serious, she’s a pretty bad person. Really. Her kid will never grow up if she can’t figure out how to use the bus.


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