Ron Paul and the 2012 Presidential Election

I know, I know. A whole lot of Ron Paul supporters are insufferable. Whenever a conversation about Ron Paul comes up people like to put him down. Ususally because he has insufferable supporters. And that’s a real big reason why he doesn’t get the votes that matter. The votes that aren’t made at these straw polls in the middle of nowhere. He always does well there. College kids, the people who shout his name and piss eveyone else at the debate, flock to this strawpoll and he wins. He’s won them before. And god willing, he’ll win them again if he decides to run after the next election.

Yes, as big of a supporter I am of Ron Paul due to his Libertarian leannings, I know full well that he will never be president of the united states. But I think why he won’t be the president is because people think he’s too far out there with his libertarian beliefs. Though, when you actually break them down they make a whole lot of sense. People who would never support him in a million years, when really looking at the things he’s saying, say to themselves “I never would have thought that he’s like that. I kind of  agree with what he said.”

But the truth remains that Ron Paul is not looked at as a viable candidate for the Repeublican party. There are so many reasons as to why this is, but to wrap them up into a little ball, it’s the fact he doesn’t toe the republican party line. He has been outspoken over the US war on drugs, he wants all of our troops brought home, doesn’t really care about gay people getting married. He’s for the people. Something we haven’t had in office for some time.

Ron Paul doesn’t care about the party line when he knows the party line is wrong.  And when it comes to his positions on everything that was just showed, his voting record is impeccable. Meaning he votes for what he believes in and doesn’t care what side of the aisle it’s on. Someone who could possibly get the country to come together maybe?

But nah. He’s an old odd guy who just doesn’t have the look or the pedigree. Might as well just vote more of the same.

Right? More of the same has been good as of late, right?


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2 Responses to “Ron Paul and the 2012 Presidential Election”

  1. Kevin Says:

    He has too much integrity to ever stoop to the levels it would take to get nominated. John McCain was a relatively free-thinking Republican too, but he turned his back on a lot of his record in order to get nominated in 2008.

    Though a few of his ideas are a little too out there for me, I agree with a lot of what he says as well. He’s certainly a much more thoughtful and honest politician than the other candidates. Its a shame that those qualities don’t play well in politics these days.

    • keithradzion Says:

      I agree with both of these statements.

      Some of his ideas are out there, but because he is a thoughtful and honest politician he never states them without explaining his view. Which as you said is pretty awesome for someone in politics. Or hell, just someone in general.

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