Taco Bell and True Love

At a Taco Bell in Georgia a man acted out an incredible display of love. Jason Dean, an employee at the Ringgold Taco Bell, had asked a fellow co-worker out several times to no avail. The 18 year old female co-worker obviously just didn’t know how strongly Dean felt about her. Because, of course, Jason Dean’s response to rejection was one that every male who has been scorned when it comes to matters of the heart find themselves doing. You know what it is. The guy thought the best (and possibly the only option) was to take a pair of handcuffs and strap them onto the girl who had turned him down all those times before. And it almost worked, but unfortunately for him some other co-workers must have liked the girl more then him and went on to plead for her to be let go, which she was. Jason Dean was arrested for a fellony for false  imprisonment .

I think that what really matters in this story is that sad and lonely guys all over the country don’t know how to simply ask a girl out. Sure, it’s a daunting task, but it’s not hard. And you certainly don’t need added props and the possibility of jail time. And hell, even if it didn’t turn to that, this guy is no going to be known as the “that guy that locked a girl up in Taco Bell in order so they can have a date”. Sure he’s a creep, but at least he went all out in his creepiness.

Maybe that’s what people should take away from this story. Not how creepy it is, but just how all out the guy went about it. I mean, handcuffs? But hey, he did bag her so to speak.

I have a feeling this will turn into a happy ending. She’ll realize just how far he was willing to go to be with her and instead of being freaked out she’ll just be impressed and flattered. And they’ll get married at the same Taco Bell that started their life as of a couple.

Seriously, bullshit aside, this is a great story despite where you decide to go with it. I’m just glad the internets exist so we can all see wonderful stories like this.

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