London’s Burning

In 1977 The Clash (the greatest band ever) put out their first record. On this LP was the great song “London’s Burning” which was pretty much exploring the boredom of living in London. Unfortunately, there seems to be plenty to do in London as of late. And London is burning quite literally.

The riots that are plauging the country of Great Britain started after the shooting of a man, Mark Duggan, by police. But according to those who are on the streets this riot has much more to it than one man’s death. Widespread public school closures do to protests over pension cuts took place in late June. These cuts affected three major teacher’s unions, customs and immigration officers, and air traffic controllers. The protests had close to a million people taking part (I’m rounding up from 750,000). Protestors say that no one payed attention to their peaceful protests and now that things have gotten violent the whole world knows.

And the whole world does know. But what exactly do they know? Because, to be quite honest, this riot just seems like an excuse for asshole youth and asshole true believers (anarchists and such) to get their rocks off by setting fire to a building or flipping a police car.

There’s not one unifying thing that is brining these people together. Actually, there is one. They’re all pissed and anger can lead you to do not always the best things. This is especially true when you’re in a group. The mob mentality kicks in and you do things you wouldn’t normally do because, well, everyone else is doing it. It’s just a different version of peer pressure.

And I honestly believe that there are more people on the streets torching cars and throwing bricks through windshields that are doing it just because, mannnn. It’s a good oppurtunity to riot so they want to grab that oppurtunity and go with it.

For the people who are truley rioting because of the pension cuts, well, it sucks. I’m sorry that these things had to be cut. But if your governement didn’t over spend and found themselves in debt they wouldn’t have to make these cuts that seem like the end of the world to so many hooded hoodlums.

The truth is, thing’ll get better. But not if you tear down your fucking city. You’re really not doing anything constructive and this political involvment amounts to dog shit. So just calm it down. There’s no need to riot.


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