Things Not to Do After Taking Ambien

I believe I wrote about this before. And I believe that I made some fair points. And I believe that you probably said, “hmm, this guy makes a good point. I shouldn ‘t go white water rafting. Even though I have all my gear here I guess I can just postpone it and do it at a time where I won’t take Ambien.”

There are other things you probably shouldn’t do after you take the fun sleep aid. For instance, you should put your phone away. You should also put away your laptop and any other social networking stuff. Because you know you’re going to start talking to someone you shouldn’t be talking to. And you won’t know what you’re saying and will probably just sound weird. It’ s just awkward for everyone involved.

Try to somehow make your sleep space comfortable and full of things that you won’t randomly start throwing around your room for no good reason. I speak for myself when I say that I did this. I just started going through things in my room and it woke people up and they found me in my room basically doing nothing and speaking incoherently. Which makes since when you consider I’m not very coherent to begin with.

Don’t take Ambien and stare at posters in your room. The pictures/clock will seem to move. And that’s silly cause they can’t move. So you should probably just get into bed and lay there. You’ll fall asleep soon.

Do not try to keep a blog that primarily based on  those moments where a sobermind starts to slightly feel the effects of Ambien. You’ll most like chun out garbage. But it may be fun garbage. It always is.

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