There Is So Much to Talk About

But I don’t really feel like talking about any of the stuff happening in the world today. Not in detail anyway. I thought about a few things that I could have talked about. Like the shootings in Oslo, Norway. While interesting and definately heartwrenching, I just don’t want to deal with the blackness that over takes an event like that.

I was thinking about writing  follow up to the Casey Anthony trail. Basically, it would just be me saying how she’s been out of jail for so many days and no one has a clue where she is or what she’s doing. And all that anger and hatred for her has kind just bled out of a decen propotions of our countries bodies. I was going to say how this is also a good thing and something I kind of thought would happen. No porn for Casey. Just living a lowkey life somewhere far from Florida.

So I decided to talk about this thing, very briefly, which fills me with an odd sense of joy as well as trepidition (I mispelled that word and I’m too lazy to get it right). Of course I’m talking about the coming of September. That wonderful month where classes start up again, football begins, baseball gets good, and the earth shows you her beauty by slowly killing it’s plant life. And it really is beautiful. And I really am excited. So much so that I will be wearing light sweatshirts wherever I go hoping to bump into the month/season as it crosses my path.

Summer really sucked, for lack of a more eloquent way to say that it was shit. I’m hoping autumn can changes things a bit. So here’s to hope. And hoping.


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