Debt Limit

The US government has agreed and voted on a debt limit and thus the american enconomy is somehow saved.

I don’t really feel like getting into the thick of what this all really means or crunch the numbers. What I do know is that people from both aisles of the debate aren’t happy with this compromise which may make you think that it must be a good thing. Right?

Well, I would love to be as optomistic as you are but I see this current debt ceiling strinking fairly quickly and everyone in congress and around the world getting in a panic and redo this whole dumb process full of seemingly illprepared people controlling your money and then informing their fellow politicians that they’re doing what the people of their state want. “I’ve heard the people’, they’ll say.

But it’s more like they have only heard the small parts they liked and then made the other mean something else or just said fuck it  at all.

So we’ll be doing this again sometime in the relatively near future. And we’ll all freak. But then we’ll be “saved” and we can go and thank the people in Washington for their actions. Even though there just putting in something else to eventually “save”. It’s a loop.

And we’re all on the ride. Buckle up.*


*I hate that I said buckle up. Seems stupidly cliche. Oh well. It’s what it is.

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