Being Set In Your Ways and Why It’s Not An Excuse

You’ve heard it before. A lot of times when speaking about the conduct of elderly people (a pretty swell group of people mostly). “Oh don’t mind them they’re just set in their ways”. This statement is usually following some sort of behavior that is not really flattering to someone else. A lot of the times it’s a racial thing, since overtly racist sentiment was accepted for whatever dumb reason when they were growing up. So, instead of call them out on it you just say they grew up in a different time and that’s why being an ass is fine for them.

But the thing that gets lost in this when you say things like that is that just because it was “acceptable” behavior when they were young (or where they came from) doesn’t mean it was OK then/there and certainly not OK now. Bad behavior is bad regardless of what a person has been taught because of their surroundings.

I personally believe that there are some things where you can clearly see the line between good and bad. It’s not very hard to see these things too. It’s kind of sad how people will sometimes justify this bad behavior. Sometimes things are just wrong and that’s it.

Then again, maybe I’m just ageist.



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