The Face of Jesus

Yesterday a couple from South Carolina claimed that they saw the face of Jesus on their receipt from Walmart. After going to the store to pick up some pictures a few days ago the engaged couple found the receipt on the kitchen floor with the good Lord’s image on the paper. They were astonished with this finding and called the store asking what could have caused the receipt to change it’s color. Someone at the store (probably a cashier but also possibly a stock-boy) told them that the only way the receipt could change was if it was exposed to heat. Being somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to these heavenly images that people see I’ll let you be the judge of if it looks like Jesus.


One question comes to my mind when reading this story and looking at the image; why do we think we have any clue as to what Jesus looked like?

Really. Since christianity became a dominant religion people have molded Jesus to look like a native of their land. This is why we have such contrasting art when it comes to the depiction of Christ. If you go to Asia you’ll see a Jesus that looks Asian. When you go to the middle-east you’ll see a Jesus that is tan. When you go to Africa you’ll see Jesus as a black man. And when you go to the western world you’ll find Jesus to be quite toned and with piercing blue eyes (which I always found curious).

I don’t know what He looked like, but I imagine that he had some middle-eastern features. I come to this conclusion mostly because He was born and lived in the middle east (I used deductive reasoning to get to this thought).

In regards to the image on the receipt I’ll go out on a limb and say that I don’t feel that it’s Jesus. You probably think that I think that Jesus doesn’t have any reason to show up on such an odd and pointless medium. But you’re wrong if you think that. The reason Jesus would never show up on a Walmart receipt isn’t because it’s trivial. It’s because Walmart is such a Godless place.

And Jesus is a Caldor guy anyway.


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