Mila Kunis AKA the Bell of the Ball

Hollywood hottie (I feel like a hack for using the phrase “holly hottie”) Mila Kunis was asked to a dance in the most charming way. Actually, it’s not just a dance. It’s the Marine Corps Ball (which is several steps above my 8th grade dance) and the guy who asked her was a marine. Sgt. Scott Moore of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines serving in Muisa Qala, Aghanistan. He made a youtube video where he lifted his shades slightly, introduced himself and asked her to the gala. While promoting her new film Friends With Benefits Kunis accepted his proposal after co-star Justin Timberlake told her she would have to go to the ball or spend the weekend with me.

Considering that Mila Kunis is one of my celebrity crushes (which is odd considering she’s not attractive or anything…) I have to comend Sgt. Moore. He went for the gold and he got her to publicly agree to go on this date.

As much as I envy this guy, he deserves this. In fact, being a soldier in a war zone (especially one as unforgiving as Afghanistan) should allow for this kind of thing to be a common experience. This guy should probably get a little something after the ball as well. You know, just to say thanks for his service.

But I have to wonder how many of his fellow servicemen are kicking themselves for not making a youtube video to ask out their particular celebrity crush? There has to be one or two who are just mulling over their decision to not post the youtube video they made where they asked out Natalie Portman. I know I regret never going through with my romantic plee with Wayne Knight.


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