Casey Anthony: Blood Lust In America

Today the long ordeal over the death of the adorable toddler Caylee Anthony has seemed to have hit a stop sign. This isn’t to say that it is over. An innocent little girl has been lost andthose who knew and loved her will be haunted with this loss for as long as they live. I don’t really want to go into my opinion on whether Casey Anthony was guilty (I tend to agree with the jury who delivered a not guilty verdict on all of the manslaughter charges but rather the response that some people have had when it comes to this case and their feelings concerning Casey Anthony.

People want Casey Anthony to pay for what happened to her daughter. This seems like a reasonable human response considering anything involving the abuse/death of a child is one of the worst things someone can do. But is wanting someone to pay for what happened trump thinking with a clear head? None of the evidence that was provided to the jury in this case made it clear that Casey murdered her child. None of it. But people tend to want to punish her anyway. She’s a slut and had such an awful response (or lack of response) to the disappearance of Caylee. Clearly she should be punished.

Even before this trial began there was somewhat of a lynching of the character of Casey. She did act in odd, often disturbing ways while Caylee was missing. She was found guilty in the public’s mind before she had the chance to defend herself. TV personalities had already made up their mind (see the God awful Nancy Grace as an example). Because the media had made up their mind the public was fed information that seemed to do nothing but incriminate her and people latched onto it.

But something even more disturbing is, even after the verdict was read and she was found to be innocent, people want Casey to pay for what happened. They want blood. And to be honest, it’s pretty disgusting. It reminds me of Rome and the “shows” that were put on where people were killed. This trial showed many people at their worst cheering on what ultimately became a kind of blood sport. Their lust for blood made logic fade. Even though no evidence was provided linking Casey to the death people want someone to pay because, well, someone has to. So let’s kill the slut. She’s a bad person and deserves the worst thing that can happen to her. Some would go on and say that even the death penalty wouldn’t be enough punishment for her. They want her to suffer. They want her to be in pain and they want to be able to know about it. I bet some people enjoy the image of her dying. That’s what you would think by reading people’s comments on the internet. You find people frothing at the mouth wanting blood to be spilled. It apparently doesn’t even matter if a person is found to be guilty or not. The lust for revenge, warranted or not, overcomes the human psyche. People turn into animals. Which makes me wonder if the very people who are wanting death for death are much better than the person they accuse of being responsible for the initial death.

Especially when a person is found to be innocent.



12 Responses to “Casey Anthony: Blood Lust In America”

  1. jo jo blow Says:

    your a Fucking Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • crispy Says:

      YOU’RE more than convincing in YOUR argument, dipshit. Conservatives don’t need no edumacation!!!

      • keithradzion Says:

        I’m just confused as to when I brought up politics when discussing the case and my feelings. I guess not wanting to execute, as it now stands, innocent person makes me a lib. Which doesn’t really bother me either.

  2. jo jo blow Says:

    She’s guilty as SIN no mother responds that way her the jurors and lawyers and people like them should be thrown in an arena and eaten by LIONS and TIGERS yes good punishment fuck you liberal assholes ad your bullshit soft sell crap.She killed her baby!

    • keithradzion Says:

      But if you talk to some psychologists you’ll find that in moments of great trauma people will act in a rather manic manner. This includes parents who lose a child.

      I would also like to say that I am by no means a liberal. I’m a libertarian. I also believe firmly in the court of law in this country, even though the judicial system has done some pretty dumb things. But when it comes to this case the jury was correct in their judgement. There was no conclusive evidence that made Casey out to be the murderer. If new evidence comes out that shows that she did in fact murder or participate in the murder of Caylee then I hope she gets the full extent of the law. But as it now stands there is no proof that she did this.

  3. Kevin Says:

    It may not be a popular result, but the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of the “evidence” presented by the prosecution was either hearsay, unaccepted science, or just anecdotes aimed to denigrate Casey. They failed to adequately back up their explanation for how the alleged murder occurred with hard evidence. It was a mistake to try to convict her on first degree murder. They probably should have pursued second degree, or involuntary manslaughter (If you don’t know the difference look it up). Either would have been easier to convict on. I will say that Casey is clearly a liar, but that doesn’t necessarily prove she’s a murderer. Innocent until proven guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, etc.

    Personally, I’m confused that the prosecution didn’t try to convict her of gross parental negligence. That one would have been a slam dunk. I will also say I personally believe that she is guilty in some manner or another; the whole thing was probably an accident that spiraled out of control. But in the end evidence was lacking so she walks. That’s the way our justice system works, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    And you’re right. Nancy Grace is a bitch.

    • keithradzion Says:

      I agree. The moment they made this a death penalty case would indicate that they had enough hard evidence to get a conviction. They obviously didn’t though. If the prosecution had gone the route you suggested they may have gotten a conviction. It would have been a lot more likely.

      And Nancy Grace has only been right once. About those Duke lacrosse playe-oh wait. Nevermind.

  4. gaby Says:

    Yes, she was found innocent – by 12 dumb jurors who couldn’t see the forest from the trees – but it doesn’t mean she is innocent. The person who will kill this rat face psychopath will be my HERO!!!

    • keithradzion Says:

      Those jurors did sound pretty dumb. You know, with following the law and all. How dare they act in a responsible manner and use the evidence (and lack of evidence) when deciding this case.

      I’ll disregard how you want her to be murdered because I’m assuming you’re just being silly. Or you’re not, which kind of frightens me.

  5. dayna Says:

    finally!!!! Someone that makes sense! But the sad part is, you cann explain that over and over to ppl and it will go thru one ear and out the other. They all have their minds made up when it comes to casey..and that’s sad..

  6. Kitty Kat Says:

    kc was said to be not guilty, which is NOT the same thing as innocent.

    • keithradzion Says:

      But in reality if you’re not guilty of something than you’re innocent.

      I didn’t understand why the media made it such a point to say that “just because she wasn’t convicted doesn’t mean she’s innocent”. It was almost like they just wanted to appease people who thought she was guilty before hearing any of the trial. It was a witch hunt from the beginning.

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