The Silent Majority and Giving a Shit When It’s Trendy

I have a feeling that what I’m going to say here is going to cause people to not like me (assuming it’s possible to dislike me more than they already do). I would also like to say that while I’m saying what I’m about to say my actual feelings on the issue should be apparent and I’m also pretty much in the same boat as the people I’m slightly bashing (in a loving way though).

Today Anthony Cuomo, the governor of New York, signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage and all over the east coast people rejoiced via their facebook and twitter accounts. Which actually seems nice. You know, people supporting love and stuff. And it is nice, but it’s also seems like some sort of cry for attention by showcasing your amazingly big heart. You support love regardless of sex and because of this you’re a better person than others. Which, I guess you kind of are if you’re comparing yourself to someone who thinks that marriage is only for male/female relationships.

But this begs the question: are you really a great person because you stand up and make known your support for an issue that has just gained a big victory? Would it be more genuine if you made your support known while the thing you support was experiencing various defeats? It seems easy to throw up a fist when you’re winning, but should you really throw up anything if you were silent during the battle?

I won’t lie to you, while I am in full support of same-sex marriage, I never voiced my opinion in any clear definitive way. Having conversations in the safety of your home doesn’t really seem like the best way to affirm your beliefs. I’m not saying that just because you didn’t go to a march and support the issue like that means that you’re someone who doesn’t want to approve gay marriage. I know many people who agree with the bill that was passed today and don’t show that they really care at all. It is possible to care and not be active. But if you’re promoting your happiness on something that has happened you should probably have something slightly invested into the actual issue. If you don’t and just randomly throw up a status/tweet that screams happiness and support you should probably have been in the trenches a bit. Otherwise it just kind of sounds like you’re getting involved in something to just say that you were a part of it. It feels good to be able to look back on your past and tell your grandkids that you helped make this happen, even if you did it. You at least have that facebook status that will show that you did care, even though it seems like you care for all the wrong reasons.

But go on New York. Good for you. Show how to get people to be ok with one another. Hell, just to tolerate something different to them. You’re not going to be affected at all because of this bill if your straight. So just sit tight and let the people it really matters makes the most noise.

One Response to “The Silent Majority and Giving a Shit When It’s Trendy”

  1. Katharine Says:

    This is AMAZING and I LOVE it! I completely agree and people who have nothing really invested or have never supported before shouldn’t just jump on the bandwagon to seem cool! Good job Keith, excellently written as always 🙂

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