The Pros and Cons of Lucid Dreaming: The Ambien Epidemic*

As I am typing this I have realized I haven’t taken the wonder drug ambien in over a month. This month has been a pretty awful month (though my trip to Boston was really nice). I don’t think there is any correllation between my lack of ambien consumption and my upsetting month, but it still felt nice when I refilled my prescription today. I’d also like to point out that I am in no way addicted to ambien, but I really hate not being able to fall asleep. But none of this really matters in regards to this post. What does matter to this entry is the blissful, although sometimes frightening, realm of dreams. Or more correctly, the world of lucid dreaming.

Explained in a piss poor way by someone who has never studied the science behind sleep (though as of late I have found myself kind of interested in disecting sleep patterns and the various countries that have some type of foklore involving dreams and the wonders of dreams), a lucid dream state is a state of dreaming where you know that you are dreaming. This pretty much leads to you doing anything you want to do in the confines of your dream world.

It happened to me out of the blue one night. I had taken ambien and that night I had felt some odd feelings that I just couldn’t really grasp. But I went to bed anyway, Because I probably had something to do in the morning. Or maybe just because you sleep after you have odd effects when it comes to ambien. Most of them is fun anyway.  So no worries.

So I’ve finally made my way to my bed and I slip into sleep. And I am out. But my dreaming has been taken to a level of incredibleness, I had the ability to actively participate in the dream world that I had just stumbled into. After a brief moment of getting used to how things were I quickly remembered hearing about how you could somehow put yourself right into the dream. And that you could control what was happening in the dream. And it feels pretty awesome to have this ability. To make dreams otherwise forgotten turned into something always memoroble.

And to be quite honest, after taken some ambien myself fuck I can barely put together any logic that makes sense right now. I was trying to get to some point but it got lost in haze of sleep. I swear I’ll write something we can all understand soon. I promise.


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