No. Not that wonderful New York City coffee shop/apartment based NBC sitcom. But real friends rather. The kind that you all of a sudden just have. The kind where when thinking back to how this person became part of your life you can’t really recall how it happened. And while thinking of friendships that I have I honestly found myself not remembering how this friendship came about. They always just were.

So how do people make friends? I really have no idea. I have friends. I have made several new friends just recently. But I don’t know how this process really happens, especially as you get older.

When you’re young you’re able to create friendships by just going to school. If a kid in your class has a birthday you may get invited just because you are a part of the student body. Add in the fact that when you’re young you’re not as self-conscious and you most likely haven’t held a good understanding of cliques and social circles. So you go about your dayand feel more free to create social interactions which allow you to find fellow people with common interests. Or hell, just someone you don’t mind being around (and maybe who has that really cool toy that you don’t have).

But when you get older you’re more likely to have your guard up a bit. You’ve also probably learned that people can really suck and because of this acquired knowledge you would rather not deal with more people than you have to. You also get complacent with your current situation and don’t have the energy or desire to expand your social circle. You’re just fine the way you are. And for the most part, you are. Thus you just stay stagnant in your position and that’s that.

This way of thinking kind of sucks. Mostly because you don’t know what memorable moments you could be having if you only increased your friends or even just attempted to.

To be fair though, drinking alone has it’s perks too.


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