Pride and Other Things With a Rainbow Tinge (but mainly Pride)

Yesterday I found myself square in the middle of a gay pride rally in beautiful Asbury Park New Jersey. I’ not sure how exactly I found myself there, though I’m pretty sure it has to do with the my heavy alcohol intake the night before and agreeing with three attractive females that I would go. Which sounds like I’m making this rally out to be something I sort of backed into (please pardon the pun. I have a feelingthere will be a lot of them in this post).

The truth is, while I felt very out of place (check my blood alcohol level and you’ll realize my first instinct was to get drunk), it felt nice to be supporting something that I had said I was supportive of. You know, without really doing anything to prove that support. So it felt kind of good to actually be in a place supporting gay rights, even though I am a heterosexual male.

Which made me think. By me going to this rally I could pretty easily be perceived as being a gay male. Which doesn’t upset me really. Because I don’t think that people who happen to be gay have anything that they should be ashamed of. It’s how they were born. It’s who they are. And accepting who you are is the most important thing tht a person can discover about themselves. For instance, I have realized that when I go to a gay pride rally that my chance of finding a female companion isn’t very good. But you know what? I’ll still try. Because I’m, dumb and sometimes the world likes to be equally dumb with me.

But my not finding love from a female at a gay rights march isn’t the point of this blog. The point is that if you believe in something, you should stand up for it. Regardless of how it makes you appear. The truth is people who were white marched with Matin Luther King Jr. People who weren’t involded in India and colonialism in anyway still sided with the message of Ghandi. People who disagreed with the way Germany treated Jews during Hitler’s reign of terror and hid Jewish citizens, or spoke out openly against the incredibly racist laws that the regime spewed forth should appear like amazing individuals who care about the rights of others. Regardless of what mainstream politics or thought says. We all have a voice, and we should use that voice to support something positive.

You won’t change who you are because of this support. You’ll just be someone who is speaking out for something good, regardless of what others say.

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