Genuine Moments and the Words/Phrases that Ruin Them

While I was out paddle boating the other day I settled in the center of the lake (it might have been my bath tub, I don’t really remember) I recalled a scene from the great Chris Farley movie, Tommy Boy. The scene I thought of wasthe one at the end of the movie where Tommy is sitting in a sail boat in the middle of the lake and is talking to his recently deceased father. In the rather touching scene (something Farley was very good at creating) he tells his dad about everything that has happened since his passing and then asks for if he could provide some wind since he’s stuck in the middle of the lake. For whatever reason, this thought made me think about how hollywood allows for it’s characters to say prolific things in an assortment of situations and how the general public will sometimes take these prolific sayings and stick them into their lives.

Case and point. A relationship I had was falling apart and I’m pretty sure we both sensed it (one more than the other I guess). It’s a terrible feeling when you realize that this thing that you have held in such high esteem is slipping away. It really makes you want to know the perfect thing to say that will encompass this moment in your life. So it made sense that one of us blurted out something while cuddling in bed one night. (It clearly wasn’t me, though I may have grunted sadly at one point in the night). This person (who wasn’t me) said I don’t know if this hello or goodbye.

This statement slightly caught me off guard as it is something you would probably hear in a sentimental chick flick (that’s kind of redundant). I found it to also be odd just because of the logistics of it. It would really only feel like goodbye because the hellos were already said. But putting that aside, it just felt like a forced comment in a moment that felt kind somewhat important.

But we all do things like that. In various situations we all try to sound like we’re in an amazingly prominent moment. We, in a way, pretend that we’re playing to some kind of audience when we obviously aren’t. It’s sort of like keeping a diary of your innermost thoughts and feelings only because you eventually want it to one day become public.

These personal moments we have are all shared universally. So in a way, they’re not all that personal. You’re just another person who has been part of something that has already happened so we should probably stop thinking that it’s as big of a deal as it is.

Just because I like to be honest, I went into this entry thinking that the phrase about not knowing if this is hello or goodbye was from a movie. A quick google search proved me to be mistaken. Apparently I just took a Beatles song and moved/added words and changed the overall point of the song. I am clearly a very smart guy.


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