That’s Yonanas!

I love food. I love TV late at night. Thus, it can be said that I definately love Yonanas.

I’ve never had (used?) Yonanas, but I imagine the paste like food is wonderful. The people in the commercial seem to be really behind the product and word is that they got paid in – you guessed it – Yonanas. The doctor that they have on the commercial certainly wouldn’t lie. The late-great Dr. Oz featured Yonanas on his show which means that a bunch of stay at home moms absolutely know that the product is simply the tops. I read a report (or just made one up in my mind) from England where they call the food device ace. Sure, it sounds silly (as do most things from England) but they have never steered us wrong since 1812.

The point in this little post of mine should be pretty apparent; I want free swag from the fine people at Yonanas. The stuff looks appetizing, it’s late, I’m kind of hungry and also fairly broke. I clearly don’t have money to spend on this cosmic machine so I hope that someone associated with them sees this and thinks that sending me one would be the best thing for business. So please send me one.

That’s not bananas. That’s Yonanas.

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