What if Murder Was Made Legal?

I forget what exactly brought this thought on (it may have been the killing of bin Laden or it could have been my neighbor blasting awful music at three in the morning), but I wondered about what would change if the act of murder were made legal. Basically, what the social implications in modern day America would be. Would we see a rise in violent crime, or would things pretty much stay status quo? Is it an innate quality for humans to be violent or is it more a matter of enviorment?

The optomist in me feels that the legalization of murder wouldn’t change things too much; That most people are good and realize taking another’s life is a barbaric act. I’m hopeful that we are above the animalistic qualities we possess.

At the same time, I look at the state of the world (the Middle East for instance) and I think that we are all doomed as a people. That we’ve always had this evil qualities and that only through law are we able to control them. Which makes me sad, because it would seem logical to me that harming someone else is wrong. And that, as stated before, we are above that. Yet terrorism, gang violence, sex crimes, and other violent offenses are prevalent all around the world.

But I’ll maintain that there is innate good in people even if it sometimes feels like the world is collapsing. That there is a clear line between good and evil and that we are all capable of seeing it. That while it sometimes feels like we’re spiraling towards an abyss we can’t come back from, that we’ll level out just in time.

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