Why Do We Pursue Relationships That Will Never Work: The Fat Kid from Stand By Me Effect

We’ve all heard the mind blowing news that Rebecca Romijn (formerly -Stamaos) married Jerry O’Connell who is most famous for being a fat kid who grew up to marry sex icon Rebecca Romijn. A job well done by him for sure.

But in reality (at least the reality I live in), unions between supermodels and overweight kids usually don’t occur. In fact, thinking about this whole idea of people who don’t really seem, right, together made me think a lot about myself.

See, I’m not a bad looking guy. There are some guys who are definately more attractive than me, but there are many guys who are a lot less attractive than me. I’m middle of the road whatever. I’m OK with this. At least, I think I’m OK with this. There’s not much I can do to change it.

But my thinking wasn’t really focused on doing an introspective look at who I am and my faults and my triumphs. I was more concerend about thinking of the times where I would pursue a female knowing full well it would never work out. Either the person simply was (gasp) out of my league, or the situaion wasn’t going to work out (like a summer camp romance). So I sat in my room and pondered why this is. Why we, as humans, strive for something that we pretty much know with certainty will never be ours or work out.

From personal experience, I have tried to win the heart of several females and all that I came out with was a good chunk of pride missing, the thought that I maybe missed something else during my pursuit, and (most likely) a lighter wallet.  But even after this one failure came to be it didn’t stop me from pursuing someone else. And even as I felt it slipping away I kept faith that it would work out in the end.

And this is why faith can be really fucking dumb. I mean, it’s good to believe in something. It’s good to have hope. But at some point you need to pack thigns up and tell yourself better luck next time. And I really do hope it works out better the next time. For me, but more importantly for you. Mostly because me being a lone is sort of sexy. Well, that’s what I tell myself before I fall asleep at night and damnit I plan to believe that lie till I die. Probably alone. So I’ve got that going for me.

One Response to “Why Do We Pursue Relationships That Will Never Work: The Fat Kid from Stand By Me Effect”

  1. Katharine Says:

    Hope can be one bitch that is for sure…keeps us holding on long after we should have let go! But without hope we would probably all just kill ourselves, so then there is that lol

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