Cosmetic Products: Making Up A Reality

Did you know that when using Maybelline Fit me Liquid Foundation you should use a setting powder to reduce the shine of the liquid foundation? Yeah. Me neither. And this is why I decided I shouldn’t try my hand at writing for a website which featured articles on cosmetic products.

While scouring the internet for job postings for writers I stumbled across one that focused on beauty products. I sat for a moment and thought to myself, why the hell not. I mean, I’ve written about things I have no knowledge of before. In school I was able to do this with relative ease. The only difference would be the fact that I would be writing for money instead of a grade, something that sounds very nice to me.

But I thought about it more and realized that I really know nothing about cosmetics. Undoubtedly there would be 50 year old woman who smell of cigarettes and cover-up trying to get this job. Certainly there would be guys (most likely homosexuals) who love to write about eye shadow applying. I have nothing compared to these people when it comes to my knowledge of make-up (this statement seems redundant considering I know nothing about it).

This whole thought process got me thinking. Isn’t most of life spent pretending to be something you’re not? Isn’t that all that sites like youtube are about? Pretending you’re a film maker or something. People are able to create podcasts with ease and can say that they are hosts of a radio show. Some people can (and have) started a blog and pretended to be culturally relevant.

But it’s kind of silly when you think about it. I think people should do all these things. If you think you have a point to make then you should definately get it out to the public. Even if your followers only number in the tens or less. But let’s not take ourselves seriously. We’re all just doing something when we could be doing something else. Something probably more important.


One Response to “Cosmetic Products: Making Up A Reality”

  1. Katharine Says:

    Haha now that I went through and read most of your blogs…am I considered one of your followers…omg are you a real writer because you wrote a blog and someone took the time to read and respond….or are you too just pretending lol

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