Something Really Nice Happened the Other Day

Something really nice happened the other day. Among all the awful things that are happening in the world; tornados, droughts, forest fires, dropping bombs, human rights violations everywhere in the world, etc; the world gazed in on a celebration of two people. People lined the streets of Westminster Abbey to catch a glimpse of people they’ll most likely never meet. People across the world woke up early and stayed glued to the television caught up in a ceremony that has no impact on their lives.

People forgot there worries for a day. And let’s be honest, with everything going on in the world people were in need of a distraction. So they gladly latched onto the story of a prince and a commoner who fell in love. Maybe not the best fairytale one could hope for, but still a really nice story all the same.

Perhaps they nicest moment of the whole thing could be seen as the couple was walking out of the church. The prince leading his bride, hand in hand, to a life where they were no longer two separate people but two people made one through love and the vows they took together. As they were walking to the carriage which would take their fairly tale union to the people and finally Buckinham Palace, Kate smiled. It wasn’t a forced smile. It wasn’t a nervous smile. It was a smile, smile. The kind you get when you’re happy.

She looked into the crowd and spotted old friends and family and seemed legitimately happy that they had come. William did the same thing. His hand gripping his wife’s hand he seemed to take pride in the fact that she was his wife. And when they were walking he leaned over and while smiling told her something. She smiled upon hearing it and said something back to him with the same big smile on her face. And then they walked on.

And I think that was the best part of this whole royal wedding. Because when you pry away the luxury, the pomp, the theatrics of the whole thing, you’re left with two people. Who you don’t really know. Who certainly don’t know you. People who you will never meet. People who don’t know anything about you. But they were happy. Truly happy. And you shared that happiness with them by watching.

And maybe their love was able to transcend whatever is going on in your life and make you think about love. Maybe you hugged your wife a little harder. Gave a kiss to your boyfriend or girlfriend just because. And maybe some people who don’t have anyone will look at these two strangers and believe in something that seems quite foreign to them now. That love does exist and it’s not always going to be bad.

And I think that if any one of these things happened because of this cross-atlantic wedding then all the hoopla surrounding it was well worth it.


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