Kate and William: Britain’s Re-emergance Into American Culture

Something amazing is happening in America today: Ricky Gervais is the funniest man alive, two people are having the biggest wedding (apparently) of all time, and Britain has turned into the hottest topic.

Some of my favorite things come from the jolly (often cartoon like) land of England. My favorite band, The Clash, (also the best band ever) hailed from England. Ricky Gervais is possibly the funniest man alive (as I stated before). Frank Turner is one of the best, if not the best, singer-songwriter in music today. The hats that the Royal Guard wear are consistently in style and pretty much inspire all fashion that is found in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Seeing that there at least four things that make Britain an awesome place I should be fine with with the country getting giddy over a wedding. Afterall, this is a royal wedding. And everyone knows that royalty should never be questioned. But something recently bothered me with all this royal wedding hoopla; coverage of it replaced my favorite program on TV.

I believe I’ve said before that Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld is my favorite show. It’s topical, witty, and on at the perfect time for insomniacs (3 am). It’s become something of a comfort of mine, a shimmering light in the darkness of night. Which is why I was quite perturbed when the show wasn’t on.

Because the show airs at such an un-Godly hour, it is sometimes displaced because of breaking news stories during the day. Considering that FOX News is a news organization, I understand that this breaking coverage takes precedent. This brings me to the coverage of the wedding of the royals.

The channel has decided that in build-up to the big day that the late night programming (which includes replays of shows that have already aired during the day) they would go to their sister-station, Sky News, for coverage.  I sort of understand this since the London based channel would have better coverage regarding an event that is taking place in England. But instead of having programming revolving solely around the wedding, they are just showing a liv feed of the station. This means, you’re basically watching a British news orginization talk about Libya and other world affairs. Which really amounts to watching the BBC, which anyone with digital cable can already do.

I know this isn’t really something to get annoyed with. There are things going on in the world that should require more of my attention than my favorite TV show not being on for a week. But it’s the little things in life where you find the most enjoyment. And let’s be honest, the British are pretty damn goofy.

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