East Coast, West Coast: Better Than No Coast?

I love New Jersey. I’ve lived in the Garden State my enitre life and for whatever reason I have a certain sense of pride because of that. In fact, because I’m from New Jersey I have a certain pride in New York City. To me it’s the best city in the world (it doesn’t matter that there are thousands of citiesI have not been too). I say this confidently and I’m not sure why.

For whatever reason, if you were born on a coast of the United States you feel as if you’re a bit better than those of the population who didn’t have the privilege of having been. I’ve tried to reason why this is and I’ve come up with a few thoughts.

The film industry is primarily attributed to the coasts. Hollywood (which I thought was in New Mexico) is of course located in California. The allure that surrounds the slum of a city is incredible and it’s thought of us this amazing thing where anything can happen. Dreams can be made in Hollywood (or left to ferment as you sell self-help tapes on Sunset Boulevard just to make rent for your awful apartment).

New York City is the economic capital of the world. Wall Street is there. The most known sports teams (minus for Chicago) call New York City and California their home. The most famous buildings in the United States are all featured on the coast (minus the Alamo of course). The most famous arena in professional sports (the awful Madison Square Garden) calls New York home. Broadway is one of the most iconic roads in the world (definately in America).

Everyone from a small town in the middle of nowhere has dreams of moving to the either New York or Hollywood to realize their dreams. This makes sense considering if you really want to be in media you need to go these hot spots. But that kind of sucks too, because people on the coasts can get really arrogant when it comes to this. Are they really entitled to this arrogance? I say no.

Look, I have already expressed my bias when it comes to my love of New Jersey and the east coast in general. But we’re really not all that great. Have you ever driven on the Turnpike? It’s awful. What about RT. 22? It’s just as bad if not worse. What about the city of Philadelphia? It’s not that good at all. I think it’s the kind of place that’s history is more enjoyable than its current state (which in fairness can be said about a lot of things).

So I’ve given you about four examples why the east coast isn’t all that great. There are many more I could give but I’ve grown disinterested with this. Probably because I hate myself for saying bad things about the coast that I live on. But that’s OK. At least I don’t live in Houston.

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