The Only People Not Worried About Death are Dead People

You can say that you’re not afraid of the great beyond and I promise you that I won’t be the one to to try to make you realize that you are. I won’t do that because I really don’t want you to be afraid of the there-after. Mostly because you shouldn’t be afraid, but also because someone being a fraid of death is pointless. We all get there eventually.

People are terrified of the unknown. The fear of change comes along with that. The biggest change a person can expeience is death. The idea of no longer being, whether it be that you simply cease to be (something mind numblingly difficult to comprehend even if you’re ego is very small) or go to a heavenly afterlife, can mae you uneasy. Which is kind of interesting when you think about it.

See, I’m a Christian. I was baptised Catholic and grew up in a non denominational church till I was 18 years old. I’m not really sure why I left the church considering that I never lost my faith in God. But more or not I found myself sleeping in on sundays as the rest of my family took their short trip a few blocks away to go to the white building with the big white steepl and worship.

It could have been that my feeling of salivation seemed to be fading. I wasn’t sure why, I did all the motions, confussed the right sings and all that. I guess that something in me just didn’t feel like I really deserved this salvation that I was getting just for believing in someone. It seemed real symbol for me and really screwed up for Jesus. This seems really unfair for Jesus.So with these thoughts lingering in my mind I sometimes wonder if I’m really deserving of the salvation that comes from the cross. Cause a lot of times I don’t really feel like I deserve paradise. And it’s a crappy feeling, but it’s an honest one. Well, I hope  I get out of this feeling and realize I’m worth the boards, the crown, the nails, and the acceptance to the pearly gates. After all, that’s where we all want to get too eventually.

Anyway, I really hope all of you had a happy Easter and the kind of Easter where you just celebrated with families and friends and that you thought of them as an extension of God. And I hope you really did have an amazing day. I’m pretty sure Jesus would want you have an amazing day too.


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