Music Everyone Likes

Like many people do when they find themselves in bed struggling with falling asleep I started to run lists in my mind. You know, something that would tire me out and allow me to drift off into the wonderfulness that is the realm of slumber.

They started out simple enough. I tried to think of all the states. My desert island book list. I recited lyrics I had written in my head. Presidents of the united states. Teams in various professional sports leagues. Things like that.

That’s when I thought about music. To be specific, I thought about bands or performers that are universaly liked. This meaning that aside from a few people (who are most likely pretentious assholes) they receive praise pretty from pretty much everyone. You can usually hear some of this music at any bar that has a jukebox. Drunk people usually play songs that they think everyone at the bar will like (unless you’re me). I have never seen someone upset that Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing is playing.

Anyway, here’s 5 bands/performers that I rarely hear negative things about. Feel free to yell at me if you disagree.

Frank Sinatra

Old blue eyes reminds me of a simpler time. And damn it, if you listen to New York, New York you feel slightly empowered. And feeling empowered is generaly a good feeling.

The Hold Steady

Music that is fun written by some guys who just want you to have fun. I would submit that The Hold Steady are writing the soundtrack of a generation with honest, heartfelt lyrics dealing with love, loss, drugs, heartbreak, innocence, and trying to balance all these things and come out clean on the other end.

The Eagles

Hotel California is the best song ever written dealing with overindulgence and addiction. It also happens to be one of the best rock and roll songs ever. In fact, going through the bands catalogue of music shows few weaknesses. They have a sound that is easy to like and they’re pretty damn good at getting you to like it.

The Gaslight Anthem

It’s rare that a band like The Gaslight Anthem comes around. All the music is executed flawlessly. The lyrics are based on universal themes and anyone can relate. And it’s all delivered with such passion. You lsiten to the band and you realize that they really enjoy what they do and they want to pass that feeling of enjoyment onto the listener. The 59′ Sound is one of the best albums that I have ever heard and is just something that everyone can enjoy.

Johnny Cash

I’m sure you’ve heard this before: “I don’t like country music but I like Johnny Cash”. The man in black has been able to garner fans from every walk of music. You rarely hear anything negative about the guy and his music. He’s simply enjoyable to everyone.

There are other bands that could fit this list as well. So if you don’t see a band that you think should be there feel free to set me in the right direction.

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