My Killing of a Fly

I was sitting in my house today when I noticed a buzzing flying object soar past my head. My eyes focused on the dark little dot that was on my wall and I knew that it was a fly. Feeling that a fly would just anger me as the day went on I retrieved a paper towel and proceeded to kill it. This act of murder (instead of death by negligence) got me thinking.

What was the fly thinking before my “mighty” hand decided his time on the planet was done? What gave me the right to take this fly’s life? Do I play the role of God in the fly world? Or perhaps more correctly, do humans assume the role of Gods? Do the flys simply live moment to moment and don’t have time to think about the complexities of an “all-knowing” being or an afterlife (I’m pretty sure all flies go to hell so it’s probably best if they don’t think about it)?

Upon writing this, I understand that many people will say that flys don’t think and therefore these questions I ask are just nonsense. I see what they mean considering that the fly was an incredibly easy kill and anything with a brain would have saw my slow Bounty filled hand coming towards it. But haven’t you, at some point in your life, wondered what it would be like to be a fly? OK, maybe you never thought of yourself as a fly, but I bet you have at some point thought that you’re not the biggest most enlightened thing on this planet. And if you think that then you can maybe understand the plight of a fly. They are small things. Nothing of value. But is that true?

It’s not. Flies are actually a valued member of the ecosystem. While they are annoying, grotesque creatures they do have good qualities. For instance, flies feed off of other insects. So they provide pest control to a certain degree. They also feed off of decaying food and animals. Hell, they eat shit. Straight up dung. In a way, that’s kind of noble. Think about it.

Without these flies a whole bunch of dead animals would be sitting around in the woods ruining your weekend camping trip (I’m still waiting for my invite). That stupid field mouse that got into your home and called the space behind your walls it’s own? Well, when he died flies went and made sure he wouldn’t just be sitting there stinking up your house.

And do you know who is the enemy of flies? Spiders. And spiders are a whole lot creepier than a house fly.

At the same time, if you really hate flies I suppose you could invite spiders into your home. They would take care of the problem fairly well.

Or you could be like me and kill them both. Cause in the insect world, I’m God. And God knows I need the ego boost.


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