Can America Survive: Thoughts on Pastor John C. Hagee’s New Book and the Middle East

I didn’t read this book. The only reason I know anything about this is because I briefly saw an interview with him on ome news program. Basically, he wrote a book about the current state of America and our handling of Israel, how Iran is evil and a threat, how the cost of healthcare legislation will further destroy the value of the US dollar, how Christianity is being criminalized around the world and how the Bible predicted all of this.

Being that I am not a Biblical scholar I really don’t have the information to refute his claims. With that being said, I kind of think that if you want to you can back up any claim using scripture. My line of thinking comes from the understanding that people will use a subject that is dear to others for their own purposes. I’m not saying the Mr. Hagee is doing that. I fully believe that he believes in what he’s saying. But the subject matter of his book are all things that anyone can see. Sure, he’s backing it up using the Bible, but you don’t need the Bible to see what he’s trying to say.

I’m pretty sure everyone is in agreement that the Middle East is an incredibly messed up (putting it lightly) place. The government of Iran is evil and they’ve shown this through the treatment of their citizens and neighbors as well as by the things that they have said. Especially when it comes to America and Israel.

Regarding Israel, our support has seemingly decreased a bit as of late. Israel is not a perfect country. But they are the closest thing in the Middle East to America. And we should probably support a country that resembles us. I think so anyway.

I guess that’s my problem with this book; it’s just repeating things that everyone who watches any news already knows. Regardless of your political leanings (except fringe politics anyway) you’ll find that everyone agrees that the government of Iran is composed of crazy people. People’s views on Israel do vary but even someone who doesn’t really care about the safety of the country has to admit that it is constantly living in the shadow of people who want it to be eliminated.

And as for the healthcare stuff, well, you will find people who disagree with that. A lot of times people just follow party lines when it comes to this subject. That’s pretty sad too considering that healthcare is an issue that should be addressed. Perhaps not the way that we are (in my opinion anyway) but definately in someway.

I guess my main problem with the good pastor’s book is that he’s drawing conclusions that have already been shown to be true. That all this turmoil in the Middle East is a very real threat to the United States. I don’t think we need the Bible to show us that. But then again, that’s just me.

And as for the question he poses? Well, I think America can, so everyone should rest their troubled mind.

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