Top Ten US Presidents Ever

There have been 43 people who have held the highest office of the United States of America (Cleveland served twice). All of them have had their triumphs and their defeats. It is with this in mind that I give you my top ten US presidents ever. While I share my mind I ask you to take in your mind that I haven’t really researched any of this. I mean, if you’ve read this blog before you have probably noticed that everything is usually taken straight from respected sources and full of truth so I imagine you’d be OK with me being a little lazy with this.

10. William Henry Harrison 3/4/1841-4/4/1841

The guy lasted a month. His inaguration speech was about 2 hours long and he did it in the pouring rain without a coat. This explains why he died from pneumonia, granted a very slow moving pneumonia.

9. William Howard Taft 3/4/1909-3/4/1913

He got stuck in a bath tub. That’s great. It’s like something you would see on a cartoon but better because it really happened. I am not ashamed to say I considered moving him into the top 5. But I felt bad bumping down the others there for a large fellow in a tub. Kind of bad, anyway.

8. Dwight D. Eisenhower 1/20/1953-1/20/1961

Eisenhower was the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces during World War 2 and was responsible for the succesful invasion of France and Germany. He was the Supreme Commander. That’s an awesome title. So he’s number 8.

7.  Rutherford B. Hayes 3/4/1877-3/4/1981

He ended reconstruction (which is one area of history I really don’t find interesting) and his first name is the ideal name of my child (if I have kids and that kid is a boy). Add in the fact that he had quite the beard you have number 7 on my list of top presidents ever.

6. Grover Cleveland 3/4/1885-3/4/1889, 3/4/1893-3/4/1987

Grover Cleveland is the only president who served two non-consecutive terms and also shares the name of my favorite Seasame Street character. I disagree with him when it comes to subsidies for veterans, but agree with him largely in his fiscal conservative views on business and limited government.

5. Harry S. Truman 4/12/1945-1/20/1953

The guy had the masculine fortitude to drop two nukes. Nuclear war is one of my biggest fears and I guess I wouldn’t have that fear as much if Truman never gave the OK to use nuclear weapons. For the record, I am for his decision and think the claims that he commited war crimes to be asinine.

4. Ronald Reagan 1/20/1981-1/20/1989

Hollywood actor turned politician turned conservative masturbatory fodder is number 4 on my list. Reagan didn’t single handedly dismantle the Soviet Union but he sure helped by having a steady hand.

3. Thomas Jefferson 3/4/1801-3/4/1809

Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States. He was a supporter of state rights and a small federal government. Following the principles of the government not intruding on an individuals rights he was a big proponent of separation of church and state. The idea of limited government that Jefferson longed for is an ideal that I tend to agree with.

2. Abraham Lincoln 3/4/1861-4/15/1865

It was hard to pick the top 2 presidents. I knew who they were going to be, but to decide which would be 1 and 2 seemed kind of difficult. Lincoln has been considered by many to be the best US president. They point to his handling of the country during the Civil War and say how he kept the country from falling apart. I happen to agree with the many people who say this. Well, second best president.

1. George Washington 4/30/1789-3/4/1797

Being the first president of the experiment that is the United States of America was a daunting task. George Washington had no political party and didn’t want to see them formed (something I think a lot of us would enjoy). He served two terms and didn’t seek a third. This lead to customary term limits (that weren’t always followed). The fact that Washington stepped away from the presidency showed a clear contrast between the United States and other countries through out history.

And that’s my list. I just bastardized American history real good. I hope you learned nothing.

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