What if the Government Shuts Down

The big story that is circling the dreck that is cable news is whether the United States Government will shut down come midnight on Saturday. Obviously this is a big deal, even though I feel it is possibly being made out to look like a bigger fiasco than it would be.

The first thought you have when you hear of the US government shutting down is of an apocalyptic disaster of a place. Buildings being torn down, people wandering the streets without jobs, hospitals being filled to capacity, trains not running on time, socks not matching and coffee being bitter. This, oddly enough, sounds like any given day in America. On any day buildings can fall, people wake up to a world where they have a corner on a street for a bed, you have to wait in a bed in the hall of the hospital because there’s no open rooms, be late to work because mass transit decides to take it easy for a little bit, the rush to make the absent train caused you to fling (the only good way to put socks on) two different socks on, and the coffee you got at the starbucks just can’t shake it’s bitter taste no matter how much sugar you use.

Social Security checks will still be sent out if the governement shuts down. The concept of giving money to citizens won’t stop working. Things will stay the same and you will hardly notice anything has changed. This is due largely because not much will have changed. All that is there is conjecture and what ifs which won’t come to pass.

In fact, the government shutting down may be a good thing. It could potentially show the country that the federal government is really too big and the services it offers often don’t offer much. This seems to be the case to me. This fear is unwarrented. We’re going to be fine.

The last government shutdown was a whopping 16 years ago (which is 1995 if my math is correct) and the world didn’t blink an eye. It went on because it always does. Shortly after it had been closed for business it reopened. And that was that. A big whatever. Just like if we get to the point where we have to close down shop for a little bit. We’ll open it back up again soon. So congressman get a few nights pacing in offices as they “struggle” to get things done and we get a vacation from the spending habits of the government for a few days. That sounds like a fine trade off to me.

Bring it on government. I’ve got what it takes to self-sustain.


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