There’s A Whole Lot of Anger Out There

I don’t really get.

There are riots going on all over the world, riots happing on behalf of unions in several states here in the US, some dumbass is burning the Qur’an down in Florida which for some reason made Islamic believers start burning down cars and killing innocent people in Afghanistan. We have the central government of the United States about to be shut down because they can’t figure out what to do with all the debt we have which is pretty much all owned by China.

People are angry. Some of them rightfully so (not the people killing others because some tool in Florida burned a book), but the people who are out of jobs and homes because of the lackluster economy. They have a right to be pissed and throw some small rocks at passing cargo trains.

But anger won’t get you where you want to be. Not unless you use it for something goo. Like maybe instead of complaning about not having money you could get up and look in the paper everyday at the job listings. You could do that, but practical answers are not wat are being discussed here.

I say you use your anger in a different way. Maybe set up a shadow government so hidden that the government doesn’t even know it’s there. Or if you don’t want to overthrow the government or something you could always just find something to do with your time, like pick up a hoby. Learn how to play Table Tennis. You’ll get your frustration out in a positive way and be able to wear a paddle holding bag (which is different than the paddle holding bag I carry around).

Instead of festering around your house and cursing under your breath (or loudly at the news) you could start listing things that are good and evil in your head. This is how the list could possibly look.


  1. River Bears
  2. Space Gremlins that are Cool abut things
  3. Fiddles and there players
  4. River-based Chipmunks
  5. Bears that hang out by the river but seldom go in for a swim.

That seems like a down right fun GOOD list to think of when you’re feeling angry or blue. But as I said before, you should probably list evil things too. Just to be balanced.


  1. Bears that eat children.
  2. Hitler and his merry little crew of SS officers
  3. The country of Madagascar for introduciong dancing hippos.
  4. The reason why you can’t be invisible if you want to be.

If you feel an angry though being to climb up from the seat of your pants you should probably readjust how you’re sitting. But if that doesn’t work try thinking of the things I just listed for you. Granted, it’s going to be a different list for everyone. Which is sort of why I wanted you all to think of my list instead of make your own. After all, it would breed unity. And I’m a pretty fun guy to hang around with. And no long looks down on you if you’re assciated with me. In fact, if you are the Boys/Girl Scouts you may even win a merit badge just by hanging out with me.

I still don’t know what those kids are doing, but God bless ’em for it.

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