Why You Should Never Give Your Number Out On the Internet

Yesterday (meaning Sunday even though it’s technically Monday because as I write this it’s Tuesday) my attention was grabbed by a commercial where a female is singing about a website that helps you find colleges. I’m not really sure why I was looking for colleges since I don’t have a desire to go to one at the moment, but a free matching service seemed to appeal to me (for the record, it’s sad that I have completely forgotten what the site I used is. It’s been a day and I’ve forgotten. I suck). So I go to the site that I can’t remember and fill out a rather broad questionaire. So I answer these questions and then give my email and phone number and hit submit. As I was doing it I knew that I would regret it, and how right I was.

The next day I was awoken by my cell phone buzzing violently by my side. The number was one I didn’t recognize (the area code was 600 or something odd like that) and I decided to let it ring instead of dealing with whatever. The call stopped and I went back to bed. 10 minutes later I got another call from a number with another strange area code. I did the same thing and went back to bed. 5 minutes following that I got another call from another number with an even stranger area code. Being a creature of habit I proceeded to let it ring and went back to sleep. Again. Well, the calls kept on coming and it was just awful.

See, I’m used to never getting calls. Really. My phone is pretty much quiet all of the time. This sort of sounds depressing but it’s really not. When a person gets phone calls they are being bothered. Sure being bothered feels good when the people who are bothering you are not a bother in your mind. But if it’s between having my phone ring all the time or my phone never ringing, I might have to go with the latter. Sure feeling lonely sucks, but so does never feeling like you’re alone.

Anyway, I keep on getting these calls from God knows who and I’m just wishing that I never gave out my number. I don’t want to take online classes or try to fix my non-existant credit or become a nurse or get a better auto-insurance rate. I’d rather my sleep not be disturbed. I’d rather you not interupt me while I’m watching the television. Or when I’m reading a book.

That’s the problem with telemarketers. They just don’t understand the joy that being a recluse brings.

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