My Dream of Airheads and the Purchasing of Them for Another

So I had a dream the other night. It was a simple dream. In it I went to a convience store (that sort of looked like a a rest stop I went to in Ireland) and found myself walking around the large ‘U’ shaped counter and admiring all the candy that was beeing sold in the bins that surrunded the bottom half of the counter. I was amazed when I saw that there were several different flavors of airheads. Of course I know that there were multiple flavors of the delicious treat, but there were some flavors that were only reserved for the realm of sleep. For instae, take the banana flavor that I saw in my dream. This doesn’t exist and I’m not sure why. The bright yellow wrapping and the punch of banana flavor was simply wonderful. Which is why it was in my dream, because sometimes the best things in life are only capable of being in a dream.

But that wasn’t the end of my dream. Being the kind person I am (especially in dreams) I decided to buy some airheads for some female. I don’t know who this female was, but I’m sure that she was pretty awesome if I was willing to spend my dream dollars on several fist-fulls of airheads for her. In fairness to the dream girl she did try to give me money for the candy but I brushed her kindness off and motioned to her that it was on me. So I bought the airheads and as I was leaving the corner store I woke up.

This bothered me. It was a good dream. As of late I’ve been having a string of bad or mundane dreams. They’ve either been depressing or they’ve been boring. Just extensions of my waking life. I prefer them to the dreams that just bum me out, but some cool dreams where things that could never happen in the real world happen would be nice too (I guess I think that they’ll never be a situation where I buy airheads for a female).

The other reason I was bummed out that the dream ended was that I wanted to see what happened next. Was this airhead loving girl the girl I was destined to meet? Was I to discover that true love is best represented by a taffy-like candy? Was I about to discover some hidden meaning of life? Would I find out that I should open a candy store? Or that the best way to achieve love is to bribe others with airheads? I’ll never know. Because I woke up. Which sort of sucks. Especially when you wake up to an empty bed with no airheads near by.


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