The World Will Never End

Doesn’t that suck?

Through out history, people have always talked about how the world was ending. In my short life, we’ve gone (or are going through) 3 large end of the world pandemics. The first being the thought that the end would come in 1994 (wrong), the Y2K scare in 2000 (wrong), and the Mayan apocalypse set to take place in 2012 (it’ll be wrong).

Whether you believe in a God or not, it is widely assumed that one day the earth will end and humanity will cease to be. This is reported to be a fact by science. Well, I say that science in this case is lying. There is no proof that the world will end. Ever. And why is this? Because the earth hates you.

Look, it’s nothing personal. It’s just that the world is constantly churning out new ways to make sure you die no matter where you are. It doesn’t care what you’ve done with your life and how many people you’ve helped, it jsut cares that you’re here. And it hates that you are.

This is partially why I am all for mankind destroying the earth through pollution. No one has ever been able to take down the mighty world, but maybe we can. And all we have to do is drive gas guzzling smoke fuming cars and throwing our trash in rivers.

But you know what? Eve if we do all these things to the planet, we’re still going to be hanging around on this ball floating in the vast universe. We can’t destory the earth and the earth won’t destroy us and it’s things like that which cause depression among people. We should stop pretending that we are large enough to destroy the planet and that we are small enough to fade into nothing. We’re neither large nor small; we’re just average. And this awful place is stringing us along just for it’s amusement.

While I usually respect and agree with people who are loosely associated with Legends of the Hidden Temple (meaning Olmec), I just can’t get into the Mayan belief that the world will end on the 21st of December, 2012.  I also don’t think there will be any amazing positive change. It’ll just be a day full of nothing and everything, like ever other day.

So rest your worried hearts those of you are worried about the impending apocalypse, it’s not going to happen. And for those of you eagerly awaiting this world to go ka-boom, you’re out of luck. We’ll go on with all our stupidity for ever. So in the end, which never comes, mankind and the planet are tied. Better luck next time, I suppose.

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