The Melee In Wisconsin

If anyone has been watching any news as of late, you’ve most likely seen quite a commotion taking place in the Superbowl winning state of Wisconsin. Protests being held in the states capitol of Madison have involved various public workers unions that are vehemently against proposed increased rates involving their pension plans. Basically they are being asked to take something out of their paycheck in order to pay for it. Considering the current state that most states of the US are in, meaning fiscal disaster, it seems completely reasonable to have less tax money going to things that could be helped along with the people who are in need of it pay a little more. But that’s just me and I’m not sure if that made any sense at all. Luckily, when I heard this story I found it better suited to my time to look into what Wisconsin is known for rather than trying to understand this complex economic matter. So that’s just what I did. And I only used one source, which is full of various people giving answers that I take as truth, even though they may not be true. That site was furnished by a google search of what is Wisconsin known for. The URL to the site is the following. Feel free to go there if you wish to not read anymore of my regurgitation of already expressed information (which may or may not be true).

So while you may be aware that Wisconsin is known for their dairy products, they are also known for their beef. This means that after the fine farmers of Wisconsin are done fondling their spotted pals they go ahead and hack them up in a bloody display of what can only be described as unrequitted love from an uncle you never knew (this is the only way that Charlie Brown’s will accept their beef). This also means that Wisconsin farmers have taken the advice of Native American tribes and let nothing go to waste. Or something like that.

Even though Wisconsin is known more for their dairy products rather than other agricultural achievments, they are also known for their cultivation of potatoes, ginseng, cranberries, oates, snap beans, tart cherries, and sweet corn. I feel it is important to note that while typing this list I found myself giggling at the terms snap beans and tart cherries in a manner that a person would laugh if when they were a child they didn’t feel the need to breathe nearly as often as the growing brain of a human child would like. I like to think that I’ve been holding up quite well regrdless of my oxygen intake in the early stages of my youth. 

Wisconsin is also known for various outdoor activitites, One of the main activities that go hand and hand with the  dairy prodcuts is hunting. Sure you could buy a meal in any cookie cutter groccer, but you could never get the fine food of the land by going there. You need to go straight to the source. The fine folks of the dairy state get their meat by heading out into the wilderness and shooting blindly into the night hoping to hit something that doesn’t sound like a crying child. Hunting is a large part of what makes Wisconsins history so Wisconsin.

There sure are some other things I could point out, but I’m really tired and I mean, I gave you the link if you really feel the need to explore the wonderful world of Wisconsin.  I hope you do. It’ a swell place for great people who were most likely born there against their will.

As locals of the great state often refer to each other as: CHEESEHEAD CHEESEHEAD BEST HEAD CHEESEHEAD.

I hope that this has helped clarify any of your confusuon.

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